Dreambox Guidance needed

Salam to all in Wired Pak. First of all im really proud to see an Authentic and active !@#$ Tech forum up n runnin' in Cyber-space. Kudos to Page owners n Co. !

My query is a bit detailed so u may need to explain to me a bit. Im tired of my cable operator not providing me enough channels for Football and im really angry since Supersports was Hounded out. So i've decided to go for a DVB thingy or as all the guys here call it , A Dreambox. My main target are those Sports channels which regularly air Spanish Football as well as the Champions League. i wanna see Real Madrid matches in particular.

So i went through your forum in search of info about the so-called dreamboxes but i never got the concept right. So i request the Tech experts and moderators on this Forum to help me out a bit =

- first of all i wanna know what Devices will i be needing in particular to set up the dreambox connection.

-secondly i wanna know the total cost of setting up the whole thing PLUS any monthly expense that the connection requires. Also please tell me the lowest possible or the most nominal prices of everything i will need since my folks arent keen on this and i will need to convince them with a strongly reasonable price.

-Also i will need to retain all the channels the Cable operator provides me, cos of family's preference to those channels. so please suggest a remedy to this as well.

Thanks. Please keep the prices accurate and as much approximate to market prices as possible.

Yar koi please madad kar de...

i will be very thankful!

Do u have dish setup at ur roof?if yes then with dreambox u will need a motorised dish .and if u r new to satworld then u will need 3 or 4 fixed dish antenas.dreambox is a linux based receiver which need a net connection and for watching pay chanells u will need a pay server cline.dreambox500 is a mpeg2 model and it will cost u 5000.net charges monthly and cline from a server will cost u 500 per month.this is essential cast.if u still interested then i will guide u further.

Im also interested only because of football.. But couldnt find a proper solution yet !!!

Taree im very very grateful to u for replying. Thanks!

Yea im pretty interested. so please guide me further.

but i hav no dishes at all. so i did like to know how to acquire a dish and for how much ?

and will i need a constant net connection? cos most of the matches come at night , so i will need the channels at night and my DAD takes the Qubee Shuttle to his office.

Also, wats a pay server cline ?

and lastly, i heard that sky italia and others had moved to mpeg 4 and the dreambox 500 was becoming a bit old and a 800HD model would be required, so please shed some light on this too?

Frankly dreambox is really a headache.always tention and a new bie cant handle it properly.and dm500 is waste of money as all the major packages shifting to mpeg4 and high defination.dm800 is almost 25000 and is more complicated.if u want to watch football only then my advice for u is to dont go for this dreambox thing.just purchase a dishtv or airtel or any other dth box.it will cost u 5000 maximum first time and then 700 per month.u will be able to watch premier league on espn.serie a(italian league) on neosports..la liga (spanish league) on tensports..and if u r hd lover then go for videocon hd box where espn hd is added recently..dreambox price+dish antenas acesories+net charges+pay server charges will cost u more.and there is no guaranty that u will watch the match without interuption.some time net disconects .some time server is off.some time chanell freez..so dreambox is not a good choice for u.i have used dm500 for at least 5 years .and i m honestly giving u a good advice.

Just one LAST thing Taree... please tell if the Dish TV will hav TenAction+ in it..

cos i really need that one!