Download Free BBA HONS Helping Materials

Hello & Salamz,

Well friends lemme introduce my website to all of you which is basically a discussion forum, i have designed this platform for all of the students & specially for business studies student.

em also a student of BBA HONS & while studying i did need to get many helping materials like

Accounting Solutions,

Projects Samples,

Complete Subject Notes & Much More,

Besides these some entertaining stuff is also being provided & do participate .

& i just providing this data free of cost only for educational purpose & specially for those who need assistance while studying. All of you are warm welcome to my site & do share your knowledge to help others.

This is the link

Keep Care

Allah Bless you all

Fe Aman Allah

Nouman Awan

Let me know if i can help you with the material. I am doing BBA from LBS

yes brother sure

u r most welcome to participate, actually the purpose to design this platform is to help & guide all the students who face problem while doing BBA & specially in downloading solutions & other E-books , so i just say that do share your knowledge in BBA FELLOWS & participate in discussion regarding to the problems which members have or whateva the helping material you have & InshaAllah we will have a lot of helping material in short time....

& do sharing of this data , we will make BBA more easy :P

Keep Care

Fe AmanAllah