Downgrading from the Promotion offer

As you all know that PTCL had given their 1MB users a trail of 2MB for 3months..

After enjoying their great service i decided to downgrade back to 1MB since the usage wasnt all that much..

Now that my account has been downgraded back to 1MB i don't receive more than 30-40k

Is there anyone else out there who is facing the same problem as I am?

Customer service doesnt seem to solve the problem and guess what........... ya i am paying PKR 1200/- :lol:

Would appreciate some feedback to make me feel better ..

yes i am getting 25k/sec, according to ptcl CSR tests :P

but Its still better than a dial up

haha, then you should try this kind of download speed along with data loss with 1 or 2 mb package.