Don't you wish that you were in Chattanooga

Chattanooga becomes home to 1Gbps internet service, just $350 per month


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Lolz and here in Pakistan we still lie in the 1976-1999 category. Still better than nthing.

Just 29750 wow I think 29 users can share it easily that is 35 times cheaper than ours. :rolleyes:

Just be glad for what you have, but it wouldnt help if someone invested on it..

That is sooo old. USA is far far behind Japan and South Korea. Japan had 1Gbps internet for $50/month 3 years ago.

I agree and so are some of the european countries too. Infact, US is lagging behind Pakistan when it comes to broadband growth and capacity increase. If only were ISP's here were to pull there act together and delight their customers. But alas, it's only a dream, atleast in pakistan :(.

If only PTCL focus on infrastructure things like this isn't difficult in the future but all they're doing is pumping more blood in withered veins we're screwed big style, I don't see anything improving over then next 10, 20 years for tis company.

^ DIttO!!!!

hopefully we get a second landline provider in next few years