Don’t Let VPN and VoIP Tunnel be Your Only Choice

Today many ISPs controlled by government are performing blockage of VoIP all over the world, especially in UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Africa. There are several ways to bypass blocking imposed by ISP even in these countries. Many service providers turn into VPN or VoIP Tunnel solution to allow use of VoIP and work around current blocking issue. But they have their own drawback such as high overhead and delay or poor quality when high call capacity. Now an entirely new approach is at your finger and accepts your choice.

Now SpeedVoIP launches innovative anti-blocking solution VGSCLite for integration with any brand softphone or dialer. And it’s targeted for any 3rd-party SIP softphone such as X-Lite/Eyebeam.


Seamless integration with legacy Softphone/Dialer;

Reducing recurring costs significantly;

Free you from repeatedly buying softphone/dialer;

Any 3rd-party Softphone/Dialer supported;

Most comprehensive codec support including g.711/g.723/g.729ab/iLBC/gsm/speechX;

Excellent voice quality without any latency and performance compromise;

Maximum call completion rate and maximum voice service duration;

SIP core standards and a variety of drafts supported;

Proprietary link layer protocol for call controlling;

Bypassing Narus and Verso platform detection;

Flexible user-customized encryption policy driven;

Strict call path protection and security up to termination;

Only simultaneous signaling/media/T.38 fax packet support across any firewall;

No network or firewall modification is required;

Available on main-stream Windows OS.

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