Domain Suggestion needed

Dear friends .. i m looking forward to make a website but unable to get suitable domain name ..

v r manufactures and suppliers. and our factory and office are mainly with the name of


i have been through different names like

but all are the registered one .. guyz/.guyzl would u please suggest me any name ..

would be thankful

sooner response will be highly appreciable







how about

Look like mostly domains with the name amar in them are registered. Amargroup would have been the best choice but since it is registered you can go with:

well firslty thanx all )

@ engel .. nice suggestion but it long wording and some terminology which i m net getting clearly .. i must say - is good one .

@ MZC ... nice 1 dude ..

@ Um3r . well dear .. i must say .. that sounds gud .. i already got some with hpyne(dash dunt no wat v call) [-] i may have this .. i had some other regarding that - .

lets c

What about domains? is available.

dear name . is also ..

but that sounds something govt i hope u getting it doesnt sound for private firm . but again thanks :)


Are not govt domains!

All government domains end with!

done with :)

thanks \guyz

Congrats!! :P lol

[quote=", post:, topic:"] :P lol

who s dis ?