Does WP need new moderators?

It's been quite a while since the inactivity of the mods. Asad is the only mod active lately...

I even asked KO (Admin) about this via PM, and he agreed with me.

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Sent 14 February 2012 - 03:01 PM

Why has all the staff been so inactive lately? (Except Asad, he's doing a good job)

Shouldn't you make new mods? Start a poll or something? Just a suggestion.


So, I'm making this poll here to see what the majority of members think. This may inspire the Admin to actually do something about it.

lets find mods through voting system and or chose those who online most of times - I am with You

A moderator requires more than just free time on his hands. He has to be mature enough to handle all kinds of forum-related situations, he has to be unbiased, and other such things. Right now lets just wait & see the poll results, later we'll focus on choosing the mods.

P.S. i hope Asad won't close the thread.

I suggest that sheikh_chilli be made a moderator.

Every section should have its own mod at least. In this way, there will be little burden/mod.

^ I'm not sure about sheikh_chilli, but Asad_N is a good candidate IMO. (lol, another Asad mod :P )

And i disagree about the separate mod for each category thing. WP isn't the kind of forum which needs that. It used to be great with the 3 mods back then.

Ijaz is best :)

I am pretty happy with Asad alone. Too many dictators in a dictatorship will create a mess because every other dictator will try to bend the rules and laws according to his/her needs. Instead we should have elected dictators for set period of time. I suggest following:

1) Any member can nominate any other member (including himself/herself) for moderator. The nominated member have to agree (by tick and Acceptance button) the rules of election (or whether he/she wants to run for election). Allow nominations for one week.

2) After nominations are over/closed, allow one thread where they can "promote" their agenda to other members in civilized manner (no mud throwing, or smear campaign, or hate towards other nominated members).

3) Put poll to allow all other members to cast their votes. One member, one vote. Allow poll to run for at least a week.

4) After polls are closed, announce the results. I'll suggest that all new elected moderators should have at least a month to rule their boards/forums. 3 Months tenure is also a good period of time. But before taking charge, all elected members should have to tick on the rules of moderation and must pledge their loyalty towards this forums.

5) All new elected moderators should be subordinate to Asad. If Asad found any elected moderator breaking the rules then Asad should have power to suspend moderation powers of that member.

6) (Optional) There should be a way to de-elect any elected moderator. If a certain number (let's assume 20, 50 or 100) of members vote in a poll to de-elect any elected moderator then a run de-election poll for a week against that elected moderator. If simple majority (51% or above) of casted votes are against that elected moderator then that elected moderator will be immediately remove from being elected moderator. A de-elected moderator should not be allowed to run for next two elections.

If we can write a software program then all of this could be much more easier. This way we can have one pillar of democracy, Executive branch. Legislative branch and Judiciary branch will still remain missing but let's put those for future.

What do you guys think? Or we'll always be a nation of "danda"?

Things are pretty fine here nowadays so i don't feel any need of new moderators. And the idea of having separate moderator for every section by Hawker is totally not a good idea.

And i also vote in favor of suggestion number 3,4,5 and 6 by Wampyr.

I see no any big reason to have more Mods on forum Asad is doing good job and community is very relaxed and calm these days

IMO there isn't any need for new mods in the present environment.

If Asad thinks that forums need other mods then start voting and nomination process.

Hmm... We've got pretty interesting results as of yet. B)

Personally, i too am pretty fine with Asad being the only mod. He's doing fine by himself, and especially now that i think about it, and the old days when sah used to ban me every now & then, i think i don't really want new mods... :ph34r::lol::P

pretty calm and good it is..Really the forums are going really good. I do like and appreciate asad checking-in posts and commenting as per required..but for a "deputy-mod" i sure will vote...Instead of more policing and stuff why not a new and less powerful post could help ease the tension on current mods. Just a suggestion!

Hey Asad, why don't you comment on this? It'd be nice to know what you think.

The guy definitely needs a break. It must be mentally exhausting for him to browse and look for trouble makers all day long (unless he absolutely loves doing this stuff :P ). Having 1 or 2 mods around besides Asad won't have a detrimental effect on the forums. It might lighten things up a bit. Just whatever you vote to choose, don't choose Blogger a mod :P. First thing he will do is to ban everything which is not related to islam :P

The pole should have been made public. I mean if we can discuss (when we don't need/have to) about voting for another mod/admin. the pole should also be public.

This forum has some frequent members and then there are some not-so frequent members. But either way those members are not too much for asad to handle and frankly, its not like the frequent and not-so frequent members are getting out of control. and its not like if asad can't speak for himself he is having problems with modding....

Even for sec if we think we need a new mod/admin then that's not how it work. the common and successful rule I have seen around these sort of internet forum is "don't ask us, we will ask you".

if Khalid thinks he needs another mod/admin then he can PM any member he sees fit for the job and ask him/her to be a mod. if asad thinks he is unable to make time for the forum for any reason (which is diffidently not the case here) he can contact Khalid and discuss further plans and he can publicly announce his reasons as well if he wants to like sah did.

And please people stop nominating shiekh_chillie, Asad_N, Ijaz Ahmed or anybody for that matter cause they can speak for themselves, way better then most of us :)

and frankly I wouldn't want them elites to made mod/admins because they are tilted elites for a reason and I wouldn't to loose thier useful insight just because they made mod/admin and that IS the case with asad not being so frequent in terms of posting the usual stuff or not participating in common threads not so often because he is busy with modding which has lead to this thread....

IMO everything is going fine here without the real need of additional mods/admin. If such thread needed initiation then it should have been from khalid himself or at least asad, stating his reason why we need another mod/admin.


And those who think asad is a dictator or a semi-dictator then IMO he can't help it cause this...


might be true in his case :D but then again, he can speak for himself right Asad?

If anything, he just needs to put some similes in his replies like this :) and :D:lol: to make you guys feel more comfortable and in a mommy relation instead of daddy relation.



I think Asad is good enough, but won't it be too much for one person to handle (i.e. this forum)?

Asad is doing a fine job so I think there is no need of new mods.

Well no doubt Asad is doing good job, but 1 person is not enough to manage the forums, so to give this guy a break we need a new mod. Asad what do you say about it?

Unfortunately KO is unavailable again, otherwise we'd have a direct conversation with him & come to a conclusion... Hopefully he'll come to check the forum soon, and reply to this thread.

And Asad should reply, so we know what he wants too. If he's ok & happy with being the only mod, Then it's all good. But if he himself thinks he needs support in the moderation department, then perhaps we can consider something like what Mazahyr said.