Does Workstations can be used for Gaming purpose?

Asslamualikum to all wiredpakistan forum members.

I live in Abbottabad and want to buy used branded system for gaming like NFS Most Wanted 2012, NFS Rivals, Battle Field 3, 4, GTA 4, Max Payne 3, Crysis 3, Fifa 2014 and much more. If I go for normal desktop Pcs like Hp and Dell business line, they have neither generous PSU nor normal ATX casings for third party PSU upgrades and can't handle any mid range gaming graphic card with normal PSU. Then I think if I go for workstations which have generous PSU with 6 pin and 8 pin connectors, dual PCI express slots for SLi and Crossfire and heavy graphic cards, better cooling equipment like copper heatsinks and large fans, physically double Intel Xeon processors installed on the motherboard with dual and quad core configuration, better RAM upgrade options upto 64 GB and so on.

Please don’t suggest me about core i 5 or 7 because my pocket don’t allowed me especially in Abbottabad, here normal system price is very high. If core 2 dou or quad core or workstation like Dell Precision T3400, Dell Precision 690 or Dell Precision T3500 is enough with put some decent graphic card then “Buhat Achcha”

But a number of questions revolving in my mind about workstations:

Q-1 Does any advantage of Intel Xeon processors that are physically single or dual installed on motherboard in dual or quad core configuration?

Q-2 What is the difference between ECC and Non ECC RAM? Which is the best for gaming? For example Dell precision T3500 supports both RAMs i.e ECC and Non ECC.

Q-3 What is the best graphic card for above mentioned games? Can HD 7770 is enough to run the above mentioned games?

I raise this question because I have searched on OLX Pakistan, many people are using workstations as a gaming purpose and sale at reasonable price. I have called to many computer sellers, they suggest me that heavy PC is not necessary for gaming. Games only require heavy graphic card and can run smoothly with Intel Core 2 Dou E8400.


Mostly I used system for office works, internet, mailing, adobe photoshop, watching HD video songs and movies, music and gaming purpose.

Please kindly guide me. All your kind comments , suggestions and assistance are highly appreciated.

Go to and select all components one by one according to your budget and place an order and you will have a great system.


CPU: Quad Core or core i3 or i5 or i7 (according to your budget)

Motherboard: Any, Intel are very stable but limited features, other brands have more features

Graphics card: a must: see models with 128 bit or more and DDR3 or more and do not go for more memory, see speeds of memory and core before buying and also search for benchmark results on Toms Hardware etc.

RAM: Get DDR3 2GB sticks atleast 2 in number

Hard Disk: Anything will be ok here

DVD Writer: If you need, otherwise all games are on torrents!!!

Sound Card: Built-in are fine, but if your budget allows get creative sound card

Power Supply: a 500 Watts is enough even when using high end graphics cards

ehsanelahi..........what is your budget for this pc and when do you want to buy it ?

I think, this is not a answer of my number of questions. Does workstations can be used for gaming or not? If yes, then Dell Precision T3500 or Dell Precision 690 can crush all the games as mentioned above.

Specs For T3500

Processor: Intel Xeon W3540 2.93GHz 8MB L3 cache

Ram: 4 GB DDR3 1333 Bus

Hard Drive Seagate 500 GB 7200 RPM


Graphic Card: HIS HD 7770 1GB 128bit

PSU: 525 with one 6 pin connector

Another Specs For Dell T3400

Processor: Intel core 2 quad Q9550 2.83GHz 12 MB L2 Cache

Ram: 4 GB DDR2 800 Bus

Hard Drive Seagate 500 GB 7200 RPM


Graphic Card: HIS HD 7770 1GB 128bit

PSU: 525 with two 6 pin connectors

As for new system, I can't afford it. Actually I trust on branded systems not much trust on by own build systems.

All the above specs are suits to my budget. My budget nearly about 22000 thousand for system and 12000 thousand for graphic card.

Please also answer this question:

Core 2 dou e8400 can run all the games as mentioned above with put some better graphic card?

1. CPUs are like tools, they each are designed for specific purposes.

The Intel Xeon chips are made for servers. Servers require stability and handle large amounts of bandwidth. This is why a lot of these Xeon chips have a ultra high amount of L3 cache but have a lower clock speed.

Xeon are made for arithmetic/doing calculations/processing things. eg. An i5 4670k is made for gaming (among other things) and that is simply that.

2.ECC stands for "error correcting code." Like parity memory, ECC memory detects and reports memory errors. ECC is mainly used for servers and other mission critical applications that requires extra security and stability. Non-ECC are for regular use like for gaming and home pc. ECC rams are a bit slower since it works with extra steps thats prevents errors and are a bit expensive in most cases. You can use both in a Non-ECC motherboard, but you have to use an ECC supported motherboard to use the ECC feature of the ECC rams.

3. It will depend on the resolution of your monitor. You can google for what games a 7770 can play at what resolutions.

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Does Workstations can be used for Gaming purpose???



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So suggest me, what is the best workstation for gaming along with decent graphic card? not suggest a high end card. Some workstations are in my mind according to my budget.

Dell t3500

Lenevo S20

Dell t5400

What kind of games do you plan on playing? Just curious.

thinking of buying a workstation to play video games hmmmmm,

just watch out for your electricity bill after that. unless you are using "Kunda" XD

Workstations are build for different purpose other than gaming, You won't be able to get any advantage of XEON for gaming.

Any high end corei7 with decent GFX card, 8GB RAM and dedicated power supply will be sufficient.

For Graphics card just get any with a DDR5 Ram according to your budget.