Does the speed of the sd card affect the video pic quality

Does the speed of the sd card (class) affect the video quality on HD recordable devices ?

Its shouldn't. Cards are for storage.

then why some of HD movie recording Device manufacturers recommending Higher class SD cards?

It shouldn't affect the quality of the video, but faster cards have faster write speeds so the captured video get written easily, quickly.

If the card you are using is really slow, maybe you might see some drop in frames as writing all that data to the card has to be fast.

It's like if you do burst photography with a dSLR camera, than faster cards can take more pics. in that given time.

e.g. 100 pics. in 30sec. with faster cards vs. 50pics. in 30sec. with slower cards.

This is how i look at it, if you are spending a lot of money buying a good expensive digital or video camera, than spent a bit more and get a class 6 or up SD card.

If you buy a Lexus, you aren't gonna use the tires of a Suzuki, right.

Anyhow would love to hear from other, as to what they think about the matter.

Also remember different manufactures have different rating on their cards. One company's class 6 might be equal to another's class 10.


I think thats about it + another difference between high class and low class card could be prevention of data corruption/maintaining integrity.

i think slower card speed can affect your playback speed but not quality...

if your are using vista or 7 just try this..

use any branded pendrive like Sandisk or transend and check its writing speed which is always more than 25MBPS as compare to chain made crap..

i also face this when i'm watching one HD rip of 4GB on tv using Chinese pendrive.. some time video stream looking like slow motion.. after i copy same movie in transend and try on tv its working fine..

read/write speed always matters when your playing HD stuff

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Does the speed of the sd card (class) affect the video quality on HD recordable devices ?

Here is an excellent article for you, it will probably answer your question in depth.


Slower SD Card can only effect the playback speed, You might feel a the video jerky but normally SD card does not effect anything.

You should get a class 4 SD card MINIMUM for HD recording. Class 2 will work - but at lower quality.

The fastest out there is class 10 - but they're more expensive than class 4 or class 6, which are good enough for decent video recording. Can't say much for HD though, but I have a class 2 SD card in my phone and it records at 720p... it's just that it jitters at times.

In short: avoid class 2 by all means.