Does sonyericsson w200i support zong internet?

hi r u all?i hav a problem.i hav just bought a sonyericsson w200i to connect it to internet through pc. but i came to know that it supports only wap and not web. im using zong connection but they sent me only wap settings which are not good at computer. plz tel me that how i can use w200i to connect it to internet through pc. Does w200i support zong internet or it supports only zong wap?

your sincere

adnan shoaib

Get hold of internet setting of connecting Zong to the PC and see for yourself while being on per MB data usage. I am sure it supports PC internet connectivity. But do check out yourself.

My W200i works as a modem (via USB) with Warid's GPRS, so it should work with Zong too! Just plug it in and the software that comes with the phone will be able to set it up for you.