Does My Digital Camera Have Mad Cow Disease?

When the shutter is clicked, there is a message on

the viewscreen, "Please allow the image to be rec-

orded...". The camera then shuts down.

The lens retracts from max. optical zoom position

and then starts up again, all by itself. The lens

extends fully, but the optical zoom is not employed.

This cycle continues, sometimes more than half-a-

dozen times, in rapid succession, before the camera

will 'settle down'. It's like it's possessed, or something.

This phenomenon occurs on battery and with the

AC adapter. Could this be due to the Compact Flash

memory card ?. I have been using the same card

for probably over ten thousand pictures. Do they

have a working life ?. Or is it something else entirely ?.

It's a Nikon, so there are no genuine workshops

where I can take this to. I have been to the Saddar

Co-op market and they are all ignorant pirates there.

Sheikh 'Moo!... Click!' Chilli

There is a Nikon shop on Sh. Faisal perhaps check with them?

Otherwise it sounds like some of the internal circuits are damaged and are not responding correctly to the commands from the controllers.

Yes, CF has a limited life span, but that would only result in read / write errors.

Have you recently used the Camera in a overly humid environment recently?

The official Nikon distributor for Pakistan is:

Super Enterprises

55 Chamberlain Road


Phone: (92-42) 111 124 12 5

Fax : (92-42) 731 1125

Email :

Thanks Raza. Can you narrow it down to where that shop might

be ?. Perhaps a famous landmark ?. Near Nursery, or Fleet Club ?.

Yeah, I think there's something wrong with the circuitry. I'll try

changing the memory card to see if it helps, but I doubt it. It is

so frustrating that there aren't reliable service centers for these

things that are sold so freely in the market.

I know a couple of people who have just thrown aside their cameras

just because they don't want to give it to some anaRi in Saddar.

Such a shame.

Sheikh 'Sarapa-e-EhTyjaaj' Chilli