Does long wre disturb the speed of broadband

I applied for 4mb broadband with new phone connection. Telephone exchang is 2km far from my home and ptcl pool is 200 metre away from my home.

Ptcl authorities say no disturbance will on speed and all will be ok.Please tell me is it right. Does downloading speed and browsing takes effect long distance from dp.

yes i have seen some of my friend who got more speed than me as they living near to exchange center their ping rates lower browsing fast and specially they got fine uplink speed so i think yes your huge distance from center will effect on your speeds

if the pairs are okay and well n gud then there shouldn't be any problem. Even if u are 3KM away. Lyk i'm on a distance of 3.47KM from exchange and my broadband works lyk charm although my medium is copper and has many underground joints too. My line is 30yrs old and at the moment i'm synced to 6M profile with IPTV running aswell. so let the exchange staff do their work and if any problem comes then do hit us back.


The main problem is the distance from the exchange.The copper wire counts but the old one can run also.My distance from the dp is 150meters and I was having the same old copper wire (15 years) old.I replaced it with the new one.No significant change in the values occurred.