Does anyone listen to "This American Life" or read the Onion?

Just wondering if any of you listen to "This American Life" ( or read the Onion (

They are small, niche corners of the web, but just amazing in their own right. For those not in the know, This American Life is a weekly radio show which is broadcasted in Chicago and around the US. I know, how could a radio show possibly be interesting, right? Its a fascinating collection of rich stories and experiences in the first person. I honestly cannot say enough about the program; it is fantastic. I listen to one episode on my daily walks and then at least one before I fall asleep every night. They are the mature equivalent of a bed time story; its the best way I can put it. The stories fill your head with wonder and really jog your imagination.

The Onion, well is the onion, for the cynical and sarcastic, this is their bible. Just brilliantly written and sharp commentary on world events and north american life. It is the Daily Show for people who like to read.