Does anyone have NOC Islamabad number?

I need NOC Islamabad contact number? I can't leave PTCL. I've no other option & am done with waiting. AM here in exchange is annoying & I can't ask him over & over again. I want my connection to be upgraded. I've been waiting since July 15.

regards !!

check pm

^My line is dead since ages. Please PM me as well.

they can't do anything about that

thank you. I'll try me luck !!

don't call if u r not techie enuff...else u would end up insulted....thts true...!

Did they insult you? I've read your old posting that you had nice experience.

man i took all basic info from my DSL guy...he told me all the stuff wat to say...they treat u lyk as if u don't know....and u have to be confident...and above all..don't let them even feel tht u r a customer....!