Does a Speaker affect Modem's performance?

Hello guys i just found this by accident. I got my PTCL DSL about two weeks ago and its working very well for me...Almost a week back my DSL's connection speed started getting very low something like from 100k to 40-50k and i was thinking of calling their helpline to report the issue....but one day i just moved the speaker (which was sitting next to my DSL modem) to a different location and Voila my connection speed again shot up to around 100k and has remained stable since then...Maybe the speaker was interfering with the phone line and reducing its speed..I did a bit of research and one of the websites mention that these items may also interfere with your DSL Modem:

Halogen lamps

Fluorescent lights


900 MHz cordless phones

Cell Phones

Ham radios

AM radios

Modem, fax, or other device on the line

Microwave oven

Bad Phone cord

Home security/Alarm system

The computer itself if the modem is on top of or beside it (within 3 feet)



Sure bcz its having fequency of almost 20to 60Hz

I dont think these things can effect alot, my DSL speaker is sitting right to speaker, scanner and sometimes i place my cell phone infront of it too. Never exprinced any sort of major speed changes.