Does 8mb ptcl dsl work on copper wires?

i want to get the 8mb connection. does it work on copper wire setup of PTCL?

any experience?

my line man said, go only for 4mb, that would be fastest. anything above will automatically throttle down as majority infrastructure is old and poor.

copper will only get higher speed if your exchange is much nearer.

Mera 8mb kafi behtar chal rha hai.kabhi bhi internet drop nahin hota.


It all depends upon the condition of your line as the 'copper' network can support adsl2+ fully ... its just that in most areas ptcl's infrastructure is in very poor state ... the nearer one is to the exchange, the less of the line there is (usually), so those living near to an exchange obviously get better service ... the 'Fiber' upgrades were supposed to fix this issue via FTTC type network, but, as we all know it's mostly about luck with ptcl ... from our experience, the lineman and broadband technician don't seem to have any proper training and/or proper tools to do their job well and once you face a problem you are likely in trouble (we got rid of ptcl entirely) ... anyways, post your line stats over time with a tool such as routerstats (lite) to get an idea!