Does 6mbps even work over copper?

So my package was upgraded to 6mb and since then I'm receiving download line rate with extreme variability: sometimes it's 4, sometimes 3 and sometimes 6 (as shown on the modem setup page). And the downloading is still crap. Usually don't receive over a 100k in youtube. Will a ONU connection fix this? Or am I just better off with 4mpbs?

copper can stand with 6Mb/s if your line stats are fine.

And if you know about good stats then its cool you can guess your line performance

otherwise share sure modem adsl status here so that anyone here can tell you.

By the way what download speed are getting on your 6Mb/s connection without accelerator..???

show us there Plz

hey Ismaeel, thanks for replying man. really appreciate it :) . These are my stats:

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin (dB): 9.9 12.5

Attenuation (dB): 45.5 20.4

Output Power (dBm): 896.0 12.8

Rate (Kbps): 6578 592

Are they O.K? If anyone can help me out that would be great.

and the speed test shows:


And a torrent I'm downloading also shows good speed(about 500-600k). But this is probably a good day. Most of the time i have difficulty even streaming normal standard definition video on youtube. And again the line rate also shows quite alot of variability.

your stat are vulanerable....they can cuz alot variation in speed and even in snyc rates....get your pairs changed....and try to change your copper wire if it has any joints....the broadband teams work is over till syncing you to the desired broadband its up to the lineman to find you a gud pair...with atleast 15db SNR.

@rollmesome ma pleasure

and if there is a variation in your DSL performance contact your exchange and ask them to check your whole line.

And whats this 592 upstream on a 6Mb/s connection..??? man its too low it should be 1500+

man register a complaint to PeeTCL for this.

With the increase in bandwidth the noise margin will decrease more.In my view its totally crap to use 6Mbps connection on copper line.My copper line doesn't even support 2 Mbps :D and ONU ka duur duur tak pata nahi.

thanks guys...quick question: what exactly are pairs and how do I get them changed. Also @Mazahyr, we recently changed the copper wire which connects to the outside socket so don't think that is the problem. But we have an internal wiring system so the modem is connected to a wall socket. Will try to get a direct line to the modem if that helps.

As to the upload speed, called the ptcl helpline and they were like it shall be fixed in 24hrs. So don't have to worry about that anymore :P.

oh u should have mentioned it before..cuz most ov the tyms the internal wiring is the check ur stats through a direct line and post your results here...!

I dont think that internal wiring is the problem. If you take a look, it is set to FASTPATH instead of INTERLEAVE mode. So, more data transmission errors, more disconnections (as modem shall re-train if errors continue to grow), higher but variable speed, low margins etc. What is your distance from your exchange?

what is upload speed ? i think it is like 2 mb in state

hey in Pak most of the time the physical setup is culprit.....lyk wires,cabinets and my advice would be tht you should connect ur modem directly to a wire comming from pole/DP.....u'll see the difference..and if not then contact ur lineman for pair change.