Documents Attestation

Does any one knows or have experience of attestation of documents through HEC, ministry of foreign affairs and cousellate ? Are there some agents who can facilitate in this process ?

You can verify of documents from Foregin office Lahore branch. For HEC I'm not sure, but IMHO you need to get it attested from Islamabad. Which consulate ? Most consulate are either in Karachi or Lahore, or you need to send it to their embassies in Islamabad.

Thanks Yousaf. Actually the process is hectic (long queues). I meant to say if there are some agents who can facilitate in this process.

You can to the nearest OCS, they provide both the facilities HEC and MOFA attestation. You don't have to get in to queues or extras you just send them, and the documents are returned in nearly 20 days, as it takes 15-20 days on HEC and then 4-5 working days on MOFA.

I wanted to get my attestation done from higher education services (hec) and ministry of foreign affairs (mofa) but could not find any reliable sources in Pakistan. Then I found Mamooinpakistan services they offered reliable service such as

Attestation from HEC

Attestation from IBCC

Attestation from British Council

Attestation from Notary Public

Attestation from Ministry of foreign affairs

I was stunned to so these kind of services and more in one window. I even asked my friend to submit a query on their website such as Mamooinpakistan submit inquiry as he needed HEC attestation for his Bachelor Degree.

My friend questioned me if Mamoo can be trusted for sending original documents , I was bit hassled too for sending documents overseas but after viewing there testimonials and awarded company by Pakistani IT government. I then realize that nothing could go wrong for getting these guys to get the work done.

Once I send documents it was easier for to pre pay them as they had several payment options like PayPal, credit card, western union and more… hence after the documents were received they started the process immediately of me and my friends. Within reasonable time they send us the scan of valid attestation and each document were send back to me the way it was send. Purely reliable source that i can count in Pakistan.

Their customer service and availability has hence made me and my friend forever client and I’ d recommend them again to my friends and family as we being in oversea need such attestation and other services from time to time.

Way to go Mamooinpakistan , heads up for your knowledge base and professionalism for helping me in attestation. Thumbs up to you and your team.. !!!