Do youtube hd videos play smoothly on 4mb ptcl broadband connection

Do youtube hd720 videos play anytime smoothly on 4mb ptcl broadband connection.

no :P

for me sometimes, mostly a big NO!

no HD 720p Videos only run smoothly on T1 and T3 services or by bonding 3 or 4 4MB connection than you'll able to watch HD videos smoothly


No, its depends on graphic card........................

works great on my end 4M BB

Works at times. If not you may use "Bywifi" it's a P2P video accelerator .

Depends on your luck.. lol.. A BIG NO !

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it Does Play Smoothly on 4Mb connection , Even 1080p can play smothly .,

I am giving Some url of 1080p , which easily play …on my connection , CAUSE for 1080p your connection should be

atleast 480-500Kb/s = 4mbps

720p , should be atleast , 430-440Kb,s


i can run these without any delay or buffering stoppage… i’m lovin my 4mb

ptcl modems are crap. try putting u r pc in dmz and check again.

^ Not the new one ;)