Do you Prefer to Watch Movie Online or Download?

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Do you Prefer to Watch Movie Online or Download?


i usually do not get to finish the whole movie in one sitting as I tend to do a lot of things on the side which makes me lose focus on the movie so the obvious answer for me would be to download.

Though for short tv series episodes, I do prefer to stream them online as that would only take some time between 20 to 44 minutes so that would be no issue.

What I do not like about streaming movies are the advertisements and there are times that they do not play anymore when you press the pause button.

Owned! :)

I think 4MB or higher can make choice , Not the poor 1MB student package subscriber who actually is not a student anymore hahaha and was not even at the time of putting up application for connection. moreover one can download the movies in awesome quality from Torrent sites soon after release-date & before these are made available online. BODYGAURD by Sallu is available on Piratebay since 3rd of september.

I like to download rather than online because it more convenient with downloaded.


never less than 720p

if there is no 720p for the movie yet.. i ll wait...

downloading via torrrents, i think its the best available option currently

any1 tried netflix?