Do you Prefer to Watch Movie Online or Download?

I prefer to download them, I don't like buffering.


What kinda noob stream movies :mellow:

Can anyone tell where can i download latest movies like kungfu panda 2, ‪Rise of the Planet of the Apes..


download without any the end of the day Quality does matter.

Download coz streaming doesn't provide the same quality :)

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Can anyone tell where can i download latest movies like kungfu panda 2, ‪Rise of the Planet of the Apes…




A person who is psycho, should watch movies online!

That is a kind of silly question for people living in pakistan, unless you have a broadband connection that is above 4mb because even at 4mb streaming is not good, thannnnnks to PTCL. :)

pirate movies online stream is not possible in load shiting country& unstable internet connections

Well, i recently watched GolMaal (1979) on Youtube, and it was a fine experience, so... I'd say its not as bad as you guys think...

by downloading, you can watch it anytime anywhere offline

Id just buy cheapo dvds and watch on on my home theater. Can't be bothered for torrenting, searching for the right print quality, fixing ma dvd burner nd seeding stuff e.t.c

Other than that I watch documentaries by online streaming, cuz its all the info tht matters not da quality. Moreover I get a healthy stream on sites like megavideo just on my 512kbps connection :)

Ofcourse Download and people who watch CAM print and stuff like that are too pathetic ! Have Mercy on the creators!

Download all the time

and the best is to use torrents.

Other Downloading websites are crap

download, but if HQ streaming is available then streaming

Download via torrents............

I think movies can be downloaded from torrents and also from good site i have used it many times..

aaaaah download obviously i dnt like buffering stuff :angry:

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What kinda noob stream movies :mellow:


i do 'cause i got 4 mbits connection, specter looks like you tried to stream with your 1 mbits connection so i can understand your noobish frustration. get little faster connection please noob king kong.

I've 8 mb connection.

Should I say pwned? :lol: