Do you check email or check Facebook?

Hello guys I can see now all trends are changing very fast. Like there is a sudden news then people like to check on twitter instead of going some news website. So every one is talking and discussing social media instead of print and news media.

There was one question in my mind and want to check the routine of you guys, what do you do first when you start your day with laptop? Do you check emails first or facebook ?

Well, I start off my day by taking dump and then I check if my PC survived the power outages during my sleep or not... I don't use laptop.

Well for me, firstly i read newspaper and then check news sites, then emails and facebook,twitter comes last.

For news i don't watch TV yuckh, i hate watching TV news. For me emails are much more important than the

silly friends update statuses about "OMG i had 6ft long dump". and i'm like :| get it preserved and showcase it in you

Drawing room. "At hardees having aloo walay naan" and i;m like (ماما کدی گھر تے تینوں کسے نے روٹی نہی پوچھی اینہا توں رہ گیا)

And majority of our people don't even understand how to use twitter.

The importance of print media is very valid. The digital media has more tendency to spread news instantly but the

Authentication is always a problem. There are no proper filters through which we can check the news if its true or fake.

I had this very bad habit to just wake up from sleep and start using PC without even washing wash or taking a piss.

But with the time being i controlled it and now i don't use PC atleast 1.5hours after i get up from sleep. I guess these

Kind of behavior makes people Dumb.

Actually it doesnot necessarily make people dumb, it just shows their priorities.. the content which they look it could classify them as dumb or intelligent, or may be just lazy.

for me, i wake up to see time on my mobile and check how many massages i got.

then turn on the pc, and while it boots,

washroom, then tea , along with pc.. 3 sites i open daily../. FB, Wiredpk, Pg classifed, then few other tech sites, and finally further links from these pages.

then off to work.

this doesnot necessarily make me anything awkward nor interesting... just a habit..

PS: i donot use twitter.. the initial character limits and the boring interface just never appealed to me.. Blogs do appeal though..

I always check my Facebook. Never felt the need to check the emails... Facebook profile is open 24/7

None! Since last, I don't know, many years, I have apps in my phone and they notify me when there is an activity in my email accounts (since I have many related to business and personal accounts) and other social networking. I only check when there is something to check, notified to me. Otherwise, what's the point of opening emails to check whether I got an email or not?

I Always check my Email 1st then go for some other things ........................

everyone has different priorities, at different times...

At office its always emails first, whilst at home its FB/IGN/NEWS/MEMECENTER/DAILYTECH at the same time