Do The Dreambox!

Hey guys I am starting this new thread exclusively for dreambox which will provide broader perspective to those who don't know this exciting machine at all. We use to discuss about dreambox in other threads that doesn't provide all the answers to those who are looking forward to it. So I will request all the forum members to share your experiences and thoughts about dreambox specifically on this thread. Thanx!

whats it ?

I have installed dreambox at my premises couple of days ago and its very exciting. Before joining this forum I thought that only way to watch channels on dish is to purchase expensive card from the market and now I am on a whole new level. wow!

I have installed two dishes, 1 for hotbird @ 13E and other for dishtv @95E. Dish for hotbird which I am using is a 5 feet 1 piece imported dish and not the usual 8 feet dish being used by many. Signal on my 5 feet dish is very strong even in the rain and dark clouds and I didn't experience a signal drop. I was even receiving good signal of Eurobird 9 which the installation guy told me that is very rare. He also at first by mistake pointed dish at Eurobird 9 and luckily I asked him not to drill it. Then he got the signal from hotbird which was almost 90% and it was raining too at that time. So now after clouds gone I am receiving 95 % signal which I think is excellent. The other small dish for dish tv is also working pretty well too which I think should be. I will post pictures of my dreambox setup at the weekend.

All of the packages and channels on hotbird are running fine so far and the quality is the best in standard definition specially of sky italia channels. There is a card issue at the server with few channels not running but I guess you won't mind when you have already 1000 mark at your disposal. I am pretty satisfied with the whole system and I would recommend it to those who are looking forward to it.

Santa who's cline you got? you got dm500s?


1. which DM model and whats it price?

2. Does it support ethernet?

3. And if you using sharing than which server at what monthly rate?


Yup I have DM-500S. I don't know about the cline but I let u know later on. Yup it does support ethernet and I have 1mb ptcl connection and its running good. The total cost of this setup which I have incurred is Rs. 14,500 which includes two dishes with lnb, coaxial cable, diseq, a dreambox DM-500S and installation. This price also includes cline and subscription upto three months. The installation guy told me that he will charge Rs. 2,500 for six months which rounds about to Rs. 420 per month which I think is not bad but I will ask him to cut it down and let's see. Overall its a good value cauz I confirmed this from 3 to 4 other dealers and they were all asking in the range of Rs18,000. I will let u all know about the cline in few days time.

Alright.. what packages are you currently getting on hotbird? Full? NOva,cyfra2 etc etc? Do you know how to watch HD via streaming it on vlc on your PC? man there is alot to learn.. satellite world is huge :P I have heard dm800HD PVR is cool.Its like 24,500rs for clone.


All hotbird packages and channels are open and running fine. Nova, sky italia, cyfra etc are completely open. Like I said earlier few have card issues on the server which will be available as soon as the problem resolves. Overall its working excellent and surprisingly no freezing at all, just a little bit scrambling after 10 to 15 minutes for couple of seconds and nothing else which I guess isn't that bad. HD channels are in the list but not running as you know but streaming it on PC I have no clue, may be any other forum member guide us here and gives his input. That's how this thread gonna open new doors when more and more experience fellows will come into provide and share what we don't know or we couldn't imagine. Yup at the end of the day its a whole new world with alot to learn. DM 800 HD is definitely the one to get and yup its price is around the figure u have mentioned above. DM 800 HD is next on my lineup and lets see how the future holds for me.

Congrats bro. finally a Dream(box) come true :)

Its indeed a whole new world my friend, i haven't yet have any experience of dreambox so i will be happy and thrilled to learn about your experiences. i do have some know how about how drembox works and will definitely share with you and others. Its so sad that i can't get this setup due to some probs.

Setup cost is good but monthly is kinda too much. 400 is enough bcoz i know they dont have to pay anything to server holders unless he has a private server and demands for money. otherwise there are so many european people offers their servers for free specially for hotbird.

Anyway enjoy my friend and bro im also waiting for your visit to Sun Tv headend, what happened?

About VLC streaming i found this tool, try and let us know. includes instructions.

Yeah he will be able to stream the HD channels but it will freeze alot on dm500s.Santa the freeze is because of your cline provider...his server maybe laggy a bit,try maldivain digital forum,they will charge you but their service is alla,I have tried it 1.5 years back when multichoice was there ..

shuak my friend bought skystar 2 HD from USA.Its picture quality is awesome.. he was watching all HD channels,am planning to buy one for myself :D

^^^Yep i would definitely buy it and i had it planned last year but the thing i can't install dishs on my rooftop :( i like this baby more than DM. Its price in UK is 50 pounds which is way cheaper than DM HD box.

^ Man hotbird would be enough and I don't think you will need any bigger dish for that.There are alot HD stuff on hotbird :D

can we watch Dish tv india on dreambox as well?

If yes then how and what wil b monthly charges.

For that what type of dreambox wil b required.

^Yes you may use unpaired card (more expensive) with Dreambox to watch Dish TV.

Another option is to use an ethernet port connection to dreambox (will cost you internet charges)and a c line which could be from Rs.0 to Rs.4000.

The sharing option is better than Dish TV.


Yup its indeed a dream (box) come true. Lol. Nice comment. Thanx. I was planning since last december and i had enough bucks to get hold of it. Overall i am satisfied with it and no freezing which got me confused alot before making this decision. Yup u r right monthly is going to be a worry but i will see my options. Sorry yaar i m busy for atleast this month, i will definitely make a visit as soon as i get time.


If u want only indian channels then go for tata sky or dish tv exclusive setup which will cost u around 8,000rs. The reason for that is on dreambox only european packages work perfectly. Only dishtv opens on dreambox and few channels have card issues on the server. Dreambox will also cost u around 8000rs. U should go for dreambox if u r looking for european channels and dishtv will act as complimentary thing otherwise go for their exclusive setup.


Star sports,star cricket and espn are not running on my dreambox since i installed my system. Iguess it has something to do with server and as the world cup is around the corner so may i will have to wait. Thats why i m opting for exclusive setup of dishtv cauz it will completely work. What u say?

^These channels are working on 91.5 East on SunDth+Big Tv

You may also try some other c-line.