Do something creative this summer?

Ok so my university is off for like 3 months and 10 days, and killing time is just a nightmare. I do lots of projects to kill time, but a VERY big problem with me is that when they are completed, or i achieve the target goal, i totally lose interest in it and they go to my archive.

So i was thinking if we can make a team of people with skills in different technologies and pull off some really big project, and actually put it live?

Whats your area of expertise and where are u located.

Plz provide more such information, with luck u may find somebody genuinely interested.

Nobody is going to come out by mere show of interest by u.

I do PHP/MySQL, and know a little bit of javascript and AJAX too. I'm in lahore, but i think we should not limit it to people living in the same city.

umm i know some decent seo if that counts..

and if its php and it based projects then it doesnt even have to be limited to teh same country. everything can be done online