Do Not Call Registry Proposed For Pakistan

See details on this blog entry.

I for one sincerely hope this one gets implemented asap. I am sick of unsolicited calls!

That's some good news. I hope it goes through the implementation phase ASAP.

how would one report a call as unsolicited one? and how one will prove that it was not a wrong number (as this might be an excuse from the telemarketer)

You will not report any call. You will be required to add your number to the "Do not call" registry. Any telemarketer who calls any number listed in DNC will be charged Rs 300 per call as per the information given in the blog. It is this penalty that will deter telemarketers from calling DNC listed numbers.

i think it wont be successful over here

but who is going to tell that a particular caller is a telemarketer or not? even there are non=telemarketers who abuse once they know a particular number belongs to some lady. How they are going to be blocked?

Interesting question. Obnoxious calls prevention seems to be one of the intended results. The PTA paper gives details on how these problems are handled in other countries. Its an interesting document. Here is the direct link of the doc from PTA website.

Consultation Paper on Spam, Unsolicited and Obnoxious Calls