DNS time out problems


my ptcl dsl(lahore) was working fine for 1 yr but from last 2-3 months i am having problems with disconnections and low speed.

i check my phone line and got it fixed.... now i m not getting discounted but speed is low most if times .... i have 1 mb connection and

70 % times i m getting 256kb speed :(

i checked and found that my dns ip has problems ....

my ip add : (4/5 ..some times 3/5) (always time out)

kindly let me know if there r better ptcl dns in lahore and also share open dns experience with me :)


Dude r u having DNS problem or low bandwidth problem.... ?

If have those DNSs than i think you don't have DNS problem....

Post ur line states here for further inspection :)

I have timout errors when I use PTCL DNS. So I use OPENdns. It works much, much better.

And is your PTCL IP Address, not a PTCL DNS. is a PTCL DNS.

Try Google public Dns servers - do a google search for them! They and opendns both work much better than almost all the local isps. I suspect because the local ISPs just set up a cheap dns server in there early days than never bother to monitor it for speed of upgrade as they get more users...

thanks guys ... but wt r they dns of opendns or google ....

Use only google dns:

Use OpenDns , which is reliable than any other free Dns servers provider

thanks guys

i wth ptcl dns ...

Primary DNS Server

Secondary DNS Server

1 mb test result :( ...and i am not getting constant speed .... any suggestions ??


and ping test



^ dude, you are getting good speed. You are supposed to get 0.87MB on speedtest result on 1MB connection and your pingtest result is also perfect

Sometimes it depends on website server you are downloading from.

problem is that speed is not uniform...... :(

i have upgraded connection to 4 mb but speed is as low as 1 mb :(


can anyone from lahore share his experience with me ??

which exchange is yours ? If Multan road then you are doomed.