DLNA in Sony 47 R500a...?

I'm planning to buy a new SONY 3D TV and I've sorted out following three models.

47 R500a with no built-in aps

47 W804 with built-in aps

42 W804 with built-in aps

My only requirement is DLNA (built-in wifi)

But I'm not able to find out or to be sure about DLNA in R500a Models. I called at Sony Center Faisalabad and Lahore and they told me that there is no built in wifi/DLNA in R500a while only following sites are saying that there is DLNA in this model but no information about wifi on the other hand. While other sites of SONY are silent about DLNA in R500a



Can anybody tell me if he used or have any informatin about DLNA in R500 Model so that I can save 60,000 PKR....??

Well this is nice model as well


Built in wifi doesnot mean DLNA... there are many wifi models but no DLNA...

The sony lcds you are looking for work with smart phones using MHL adopter, not DLNA.. MHL is dam expensive adopter although it may work with iphones with another converter if you have android

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Built in wifi doesnot mean DLNA… there are many wifi models but no DLNA…

The sony lcds you are looking for work with smart phones using MHL adopter, not DLNA… MHL is dam expensive adopter although it may work with iphones with another converter if you have android


Any comparison between Samsung 46F7500 and SONY 42W800? Specifically about picture and 3D quality?

Oh, salesman told me that Samsung never gave Passive (simple one without batteries) glasses, is it true?

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since it YOU who is asking, so i will give you all the answers you need :D

1 - Sony has warm colors.. no matter what you do or which ever model you buy, sony will always have warm colors.. which is great if watching H movies, but not so much when using cable or any SD content or even PC desktop. gives an old white paperish brownish colors.. luckily you can set presets for each mode and just click to change the colors. works easy and very well actually..

samsung has too bright colors.. they will have very high brightness and too much contrast at default.. so their dynamic mode is actually just a torch in your eyes..their theater and natural mode is much better though. still samsung has better 2d pic quality than sony...

2 - Samsung ES 7100/7500 have different microdimming technology which is strange since they carry the same panel.. 7500 has much better blacks than 7100.. also all the dubai 7100 sets have stuck green pixels in the panels, whic only become visible after few hours so you wont ever notice them on the shop testing.

3 - 7500 has clear motion and smooth modes for judder reduction.. they work much better than the HX 7xx and 8xx series of HD panels from Sony... the 9xx is absoluetely fantastic, but cost 3x more and mostly unavailable. even from sony themselves.

4 - Sony has active shutter on few models.. only LG and panasonic are true passive glasses technology companies. Samsung is purely active shutter.

5 - Active shuter gives a much much much much deeper 3d experience than passive. they polarize much better and the depth of 3d is felt more in active than passive. also the samsung active glasses are extremeley light weight.. less than a small biscuit packet. even lighter and smaller.. not much comfortable as they stress the nose bridge but still very very light and aceptable.,.. glasses in sony models vary, but the common ones i have seen which are most widely sold sony glasses are huge, like a VR set.. and even though they donot stress the nose in long use like samsung do, still they are huge.. also sony glasses are darker in 3d than samsung, which is also due to the extra brightness of samsung.

6 - Batteries donot matter in samsung. they are the ultra small wristwatch sized round cells which fit inside the glasses and you would never know that such fine frame could even have a battery... they should last over a year of very heavy use and replacement is as easy as changing a remote cell. Sony have rechargeable cells in most glasses which charge via USB, but that is both awkward and also accounts for the large size of glasses.... and require around a few hours for fully charged, but they will last a full day of watcing movies.. also they have a rapid charge so a 15-20 min charge will let you watch a full movie, if your friends are around with dead battery.


samsung bundled glasses are a piece of crap. even though they are extremely light, and esy, they donot fit well.. they have no facial curve, just flat chalkboard like , and this leads to a lot of left and right side envoirment into vision.. they arre not fully enclosed like the sony, which will cut out the outside world and totally immerse you in 3d, samsung wont do that,.. it is irritating and disapointing and require constant glasses pushing towards the nose..Faaak...!!

Samsung have a high end replacement, which is better but it costs 4k a pair, and still not perfect..

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since it YOU who is asking, so i will give you all the answers you need :D

Samsung have a high end replacement, which is better but it costs 4k a pair, and still not perfect…


Lolz @ yours “YOU” should I be happy on it? :D or :(

Anyhow thanks for good points told by you as usual. As you told about problems about Samsung glasses, I also read same on cnet in 2011 when I bought EX720 with active 3d glasses, and it’s really a disappointment that Samsung have same problem even today :( furthermore SONY seems to have same issue with its latest models. Glasses being offered them are " TDG-500P" almost same shape as of Samsung :(

Where is my dongle btw? If I can find that, I can save my precious 60k to get a 47" 3d model without internet connectivity and to use my sound system to work as internet + DLNA support to my mobile :)

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Ohh should I also consider LG?

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i have been very very busy this week so have not been able to search for the dongle.. as soon as i find it i will let you know, i PM u about that 2 days ago also.

PS: you should be very very :D about yourself.... :D


LG has one of the finest and one of the most average mix of specs for their lcds.


Korean made.

variety of sizes..

very good contrast and colors in some models like the M8600...

Plenty of connectivity in some models.

very very SEXY design (5800)..

Very high Built quality (korean)

speakers are actually good

thin bezel, unlike the horrendous ones on sony`s previous models.

Passive glasses are extremely comfortable.

Much brighter 2D than sony, on par with panasonic.

3D on some models is excellent (8600 and above)

price is reasonable, i remember a lower price than HX750 for the LG with warranty and almost 1 lac 35k less than the ES7500 from samsung with warranty

Warranty is 2 years on some models, (company policy changes a lot)

Very thin.

good looking stylish and solid stand. unlike the super cheap flimsy tooth pick weak samsung stands especially in the ES7500..

Built in image modes have excellent variety and comfortable on the eye..

Did i mention they are VERY VERY sexy?


very good contrast and colors in some models like the M8600 and even the 5800, BUT Pic is very grainy on the 5800.

Passive 3d is not a good 3d experience.. not as much depth of image as Active3d

refresh rate is very low.. even as low as 100hz on lower models.. 5800 is barely average.image is visibly jerky... 8600 and 9xxx series have proper 240hz, which is good, but they are expensive also

Passive 3D on some models is excellent (8600 and above) but average in 5800..

Built in media player has limited media playing capability.

donot expect advanced stuff like network sharing and advance image settings.


for their price they are a very good buy, but for a long term solution pay more for the 8600 if only for the proper 240z display..

My range is 150 max and I'm planning to buy in mid of Jan, I'll keep searching what you mentioned above also new model (as per shop owner) of Samsung 46f7500 with quad core processor and allshare is also good without any wifi connection (Samsung to Samsung only) and I tried temple run2 at shop and it was good experience.

Did I mention simultaneous view on 42w800, a blessing for gamers? 3D games on same screen but different view on different glasses/players :P

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That dual 3d will actually suck. cz there is always a perspective shift for left and right eyes.. and even though i had not tried myself, my little cousins do this on their sony 55, and ultimately it was easier and better for split screen.. which sucked even more as one screen split is larger than the other.. so the younger cousin always got the smaller screen for his xbox 360 while the elder palyed his ps3 on bigger screen..

go for LG man, from personal experience i can say

LG have best picture quality and smart options then all of current famous companies offering.

i got mine 2012 LM 3d cinema series model last month it got DLNA with other utility features. well 2013 models do have excellent features like NFC and Time machine ( to record programs ).

both 3D formats are flawed, if you wana enjoy best 3D experience go watch in cinema, small screens wont give you that pleasure.

look for


Oh, what do we have here. An ongoing discussion on large

screen LED TVs. Since I too happen to be in the market,

looking for one, I'll cannon-ball into this thread.

I need to buy a 55" LED TV asap to watch WorldCall cable

(Analog/Digital) and once in awhile, an HD movie. The only

criteria for it, is that it have a nice picture quality. I have seen

all the display models and most of them suck, even while

playing Blu-ray; blurry, horrible colors, bad viewing angles.

I did some research and came up with this so far:

Best Dream Model: SONY W900A (Not available in Pakistan)

Best Available Model: Samsung F8000

I have seen neither in action, so I can't really be definitive

about anything. The top SONY model 55W804A available

in the market has 400 Clear Motion Rate, which is "...meh".

What do the experts here think ?. Should I go for the Samsung,

or buy another electricity sucking Panasonic plasma, which

will probably have more truer blacks than any LED LCD out

there ?.

Sheikh 'DHUM! Kar Kay QooD PaRay' Chilli

^ You bloody Dam entertaining Mofo.. i love your posts :D

so here goes.. first up samsung..

1 - F8000 is almost the same as the ES8000... which ever one is cheaper is the better deal since both of them are almost same in pic quality.. the F may have a bit more fancy smart features, but practicaLLy.,these smart features make the TV look like a dumb fool..

2 - as per pic quality.. both have clearmotion, smooth, judder reduction modes.. and both are equally excellent in FI.. they also have greatest contrasts, and quite deep blacks but thats because of the dynamic contrast, which isnt that good an option.. you can however calibrate every single bit of color and fine tune your pic quality as much as you like, it has an extensive calibration, more than available sony and panasonics...

3 - Samsungs have a specific pic quality just like their mobile screens with extra contrast and color reproduction eg DLP vs LCd level difference.... you may be overly amazed at an HD source with the dynamic contrast option, but that actually ruins the experience of high def.. the Standard and movie modes, especially movie mode is where the overly rich colors become life like and flesh tones and warm make the film normal instead of a digital pixar presentation.

4 - their built in media player is very very powerful and probably has the best possible reception for any outisde source.. plays almost EVERY DAM format, except poorly coded Divx Avis..even the highest end Blurays and MKVs with ease..M2TS and all 3d from any USB and external hdd without requiring extra power since it has one USB port at 1Amp....

5 - speaking of which, 3D is active, supplied Glasses suck , very uncomfortable, , but the actual 3D is jaw dropping..

Sony now

1 - Sony 9xx series isnt available and wont be, as it is too expensive for general consumer and it is being phased out with newer series soon, so tough ;luck

2 - if your viewing preference is mainly Movies, sony have better warm tones than samsung which focus more on higher contrasts and gama in the cool and neutral color tone..

3 - the samsung and sony both have 400hz, and anything above 240hz as in LG is perfectly fine for theatrical movie experience without judder or strain..

4 - 3D is very good, glasses are much bigger than samsung, but actually comfortable and block most of the surrounding light, giving an overall better ISOLATED 3d experience than samsung, and almost bit better than LG.

5 - their built in media player is average.. they donot have that much smart features, which actually is a blessing...remote and menus are easier to use and although you canot calibrate it much, the default modes are already well toned if movies and PC is primary activity..samsungs need too much calibration.

if you can live with / ignore the dumb ass public who donot know how superior plasma is to LED in terms of pic quality or even know what a plasma screen actually is, and will give comments like ,

  • Shiit yar,
  • awein paisee zaya kiye tu ne,
  • LED leta, ajeeb pagal hai tu,
  • kis ne kaha tha plasma le,
  • ab bikke ga bhi nahi
  • LED ki kia baat hai (even though they might not have ever seen an LED in their life except turned off display units)
  • bhai se mashwara kia hota to men tujhe fit qism ka LED le ker deta, market se kam rate per.
  • plasma kon leta hai aaj kal?

then plasma will always be a better option, with deeper blacks, higher refresh rates, multiple inpus, a lot of options, price lower, and you can get even higher size, although 55 is already much...plasmas have best pic, rich colors, true contrast G2G, and deep blacks at HD and also in SD, especially at cable and SD content,since plasma is primarily designed to optimise SD content, for which LEDs arent better at all...if you have DIGITAL cable, then you are good to go with anything, but local poor quality cable will suck no matter what tv you choose

PS; Deep blacks dont mean crap unless you are watching a Jason or Freddy kruger or any other night vision horror movie in a totally dark theatre room with no extra light on bluray disk with a good player, other than such conditions, you wont even notice what deep blacks do on plasma and LED..


Wow. Thanks for the rich and detailed review armed with

facts and more importantly, interspersed with personal,

first-hand information.

I have looked into ways of getting the Sony W900A into

Pakistan from abroad. But it looks prohibitive, in terms of

custom duties. So, even though it's my first choice, I think

Samsung F8000 wins by default here.

Now the only thing left to decide is whether to go for the

'baggage' TV or the one with the 1 year local Samsung

warranty. The difference in price is as much as Rs 100,000/-

Is it really worth it ?.

Samsung TV doesn't have a fingerprint in terms of

customer service in Pakistan and instead has out-sourced

it to the local Orient Group. That, and reports of clouding,

banding and uniformity problems in some models, does

little to engender confidence in it's TV brand in Pakistan.

Sheikh 'On The Precipice' Chilli

DAmmmm... i should have just written..

"Aye lmao, Buy f8000, i am using it, its best ever"

(like majority of the posts on net..)

Farhan `Awein itni muhsaqat ki``_ Ds..

I've decided to go for 42W800 considering my room size :( else Samsung 46f 8 or 7 was my choice in range of 150~ k

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^ should have lived in a better city with bigger rooms :D

^ should have lived in a better city with bigger rooms :D

Farhan :D yahan bohat izzat di hay Allah nay :) Kher largest district of Pakistan :P

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district largest hai .. magar room to chote hi hain na.. :D

so you cant enjoy a 55inch even if you wanted to.. :D