DIY Power Bank vs Branded Ones

Hi Experts,

Returning to forum after long time. Now a days I am on a quest to create/buy a powerbank so I have managed couple of old laptop batteries from which I have salvaged healthy batteries.

I have seen lots of power bank modules available online and at hall road as you can see below and with LCD also:

also so the big question is that how good are branded power bank modules than these available modules and if its ok to create my own powerbank using these modules or I should go for buying a good power bank like Romoss, Xiaomi, Dany, Aspor etc?

Also you can suggest best module with many features… Of course its good and easy to buy a branded power bank but satisfaction of creating own is another level :slight_smile:


Keep DIY to your satisfaction only. Buy branded for regular use.

Ok got it… thanks :slight_smile:
Going for Aspor with IQ charge option.