Display problem

i am facing problem ,please help me

actually i use core 2 due

processor 2.66 ghz

video card 700mb

i got a problem , after 10 or 20 minutes my lcd gateway freezes and shutdown and when it open it shows this message

"display driver stopped responding and has recoverd .

please give me suggestion, what i do for fix it


you need to be more precise, which model is LCD. And what is the graphics card model.
And have you tried re-installing the driver.

driver problem > Chances 90%..

Success probability 95%

Corruption of on chip Ram > Chances 8%

Success probability 1%

others > 2%

Success probability Damnnnn LOL..

Drivers re-installation will fix the issue as farhan_ds said in his ever so charming sarcastic statistics.

The drivers may be corrupt, try reinstalling them using the original CD that came with the hardware.

If it does not work keep us posted here.

Just Update the Graphic Driver and you will Good to go and if you need any further assistance for any hardwear visit some computer shop or try this link http://www.alazizonline.com/