Dishtv Recharge problem in pakistan

Aslam O Alaikum,,,,

In pakistan dishtv recharge is not possible in these days...

What is going on? anybody knows?

i have recharged mine a month back, I dont think there is a problem

^^what are the charges these days???????? :unsure:

Sir g,,, I have asked my dealer for dishtv recharge 2 days back... He told me that there is some problem in rechargning dishtv...

Dishtv is illegal in other countries.... I think it is the reason... Only those who had already recharged there dishtv are enjoying.... :blink:

[quote=“G.a.m.e, post:3, topic:15301”]

^^what are the charges these days??? :unsure:


Sir baat kych aisi hai k You will have to pay abou 2000 for 80 days, 1000 for 40 days… (In these days)… Ans if you want to watch ten cricket and utv package then you will have to pay extra… :rolleyes:

In other words u can recharge multiples of Indian 500 rupees… gal paly pai?

lots of fraud is happening in the recharge buiseness. i recharged my account for a month and the package was over in 15 days. its time that Dishtv shall deisgnate authorised dealer in pakistan