Dish tv / tata sky along with FTA dish

So GEO is NOT available with any receiver whatsoever..right..?

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How is DWN? Sounds interesting, and prices are decent. Worthwhile? I want to get a wireless or satellite connection as my cable tv connection is often down.


Their service is fine atleast in islamabad. yep monthly price is decent but setup cost is way too much now. There has never been any down time in my 7 years of experience. You can safely go for this service but plz make sure you have easy access to their outlets for recharge cards.

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After installation of Dish TV, what are you doing for Pakistani channels…?

Have you installed a separate dish for that…?

Do let me know!


As i mentioned in my post on last page, you need a 4 or 6 feet dish, two lnbs and two receivers. One lnb is C-band for FTA channels available on Asiasat 3S and second lnb is KU for Dish TV. These two LNBs can be installed like this:


Wire from C-band lnb goes to FTA receiver and KU band goes to Dish TV decoder. And i think theres no need to explain how to connect two receiver with one TV.

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^So channels such as GEO, Hum and ARY are available…?

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So GEO is NOT available with any receiver whatsoever…right…?


All the Pakistani channels on satellites are FTA except Geo TV, Geo Super and Aag (Geo News is FTA). So you need a decoder to watch those channels which Geo provide free of cost to cable ops only.

^Thanks for your detailed reply.

but my question still remains: do we need CABLE for ONLY GEO TV after having dish..? Regarding decoder, is it availble easily and what about cost..?

^^^Im afraid yes. Curse geo for that :angry:

As i said Geo provide their decoder to cable operators only. They dont provide it for home use.

Ah..We all hate GEO BUT still somehow, "elders" in homes simply can NOT live without that.

Dish without GEO will be met with terrible disapproval in my home..:(

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Well i have recently got installed Tatasky HD at my home and i can surely say its quality is awsome for HD channels and for good for other digital channels. So i will say go for tatsky as its quality is far better than dish tv. As for price there isn’t much difference at max it will be Rs.200 higher per month. As for FTA i haven’t used it yet so can’t give you much information



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There is a link of their official site in my above post. Here is some intro form it:


Is dwn cable system?

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Nops. Thanks to lame policies of PEMRA and poor implementation of Laws.

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Is dwn cable system?


Read this:

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Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS), also known as Wireless Cable, is a wireless telecommunications technology, used for general-purpose broadband networking or, more commonly, as an alternative method of cable television programming reception. It is most commonly used in sparsely populated rural areas, where laying cables is not economically viable, although some companies may also offer MMDS services in urban areas.

Read more @ Wikipedia

Can someone PM me a reliable contact for TATA SKY DTH HD please in Karachi.