Discussion on defeating the PTCL filtering system

Since yesterday, I have experimented a bit with the PTCL ban/filter system and made some progress in understanding its working/implementation mechanism, and inventing some possible ways of defeating it. However, some questions still long for an answer.

1) How does PTCL filter HTTPS traffic as it is supposed to be encrypted.

2) Is youtube, on it's part, also banning requests from Pakistan?

3) Is this legal? I mean I am not talking about VPS/VPN or Proxy/Tunnels etc but actually defeating the PTCL filters.

It will be highly appreciated if you share your experiences with the PTCL filter, like for example DNS based blocking, HTTPS based experiences etc, so that we may reach some sort of final solution.

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No replies? Well I guess everyone is interested in bypassing the filters and not in the least interested in defeating them. <_<

^ what do you mean? man u nuts want to start a cyberwar with PTA?

Just keep calm and keep bypassing the securities.

Together we can build nuclear bomb and can drop it on pta and ptcl headquarters using a rc helicopter

if you drop nuclear bomb on PTCL headquarters how you will use the internet .................... lol

Actually, I have already succeeded.. Youtube and others are opening fine on PTCL without any proxy/VPS/tunnel etc whatsoever, on my end. The best news is that Youtube's pakistan server is completely empty, as whoever accesses youtube from Pakistan, uses some proxy etc and thus connects to yt's streaming server other than that which is especially meant for Pakistan. So, the streaming is utilizing my full 2Mbps connection even in rush hours like 7-9 PM onwards.

But yes, you are right. I have absolutely no intention of starting a cyber-war with PTA and so I have decided to keep calm and keep my technique private. :ph34r:

This forum is meant for sharing knowledge ,if you're not interested in sharing your techniques then why are you interested in discussion regarding defeating pta security check.Why would someone share his experiment with you?

the whole town is gonna cry and will beg you or adoration you for your technique like a hungry child in Africa sees food after so many days :unsure:

humanity is still alive check here

I was interested, but due to apparent lack of interest of other users in discussing the matter and now the fact that I spent almost two days studying the network behavior and filtering and reached a solution on my own + remembering the fact that making this technique public would probably result in an up-gradation of filters sooner or later, I feel it is best to keep things private for the moment.

You can think of this topic now as something meant to conclusively show that it is indeed possible to defeat the PTCL filtering system. And perhaps that of other countries (China for e.g) as well, if they are based on same filtration system. Granted, I have not given any conclusive proof of it in this thread, but you can take my word for it, or not, it's your choice.

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Nothing is impossible and you are only limited by your imagination


BTW that is called greed, not sharing with others. :)

Relax. You are a lifer and me just a member. You really shouldn't expect me to be as generous as a member of your status :P .

I'm going to guess that you changed DNS servers and flushed your DNS cache.


Man find something to bypass porn websites securities. :P

We are using something but that's not free for ever. So now start work on this new project. :)

YouTube isn't allowing porn due to which I am in favor of "No to YouTube."

Unfortunately, it appears that there is some sort of secondary filter in effect which intercepts traffic randomly. I had not used the technique frequently until yesterday, and now I have noticed that traffic is getting dropped randomly to s.ytimg.com and the streaming servers. It usually works after a browser based refresh or two, but means that more investigation is needed. :angry:

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Man find something to bypass porn websites securities. :P

We are using something but that's not free for ever. So now start work on this new project. :)

YouTube isn't allowing porn due to which I am in favor of "No to YouTube."


What do you mean by porn website securities? Are you referring to PTCL blockage or some CC based security implemented by some porn website itself.

PTCL has added a new layer of security of some sort

to it's firewall of late. It went on the fritz for a couple of

hours one night last week and when it came back on,

things went from bad to worse.

We used to be able to visit YouTube, using Google DNS

combined with http(s). Now, that doesn't work anymore.

Instead, FF freezes whenever you try doing that. In add-

ition, Stealthy isn't working on YouTube as reliably as

before. Sometimes the firewall seems impervious to every

thing except Spotflux, HotShield, etc and there you lose

a lot of speed, especially for streaming it's untenable.

There really doesn't seem to be any good options left

anymore. Hope this caretaker, or the new Govt will use

it's head and stop putting brick walls on the information

superhighway for Pakistanis.

Sheikh 'With A Flat Tire' Chilli

Are you on some other ISP? Because this thing never worked for me on my connection, not even a month ago. I have heard that LinkdotNet users are able to access YT using this method though.


No, I am on PTCL. But myself and others around here

were 'acquired' by PTCL from Maxcom. That might have

something to do with it. But I doubt it, as I have seen it

work on other PTCL BB accounts that are purely PTCL.

You have to combine three effects, in order for it to work.

(1) Put in your DNS setting

(2) Use http(s) in URL and

(3) You have to be logged-in to your YouTube account

before (1) & (2). That's a detail that's often overlooked.

You can still upload and manage your YouTube account

doing the above, but can no longer watch streaming vids

on YouTube's video pages, after this last tinkering from

PTCL Firewall keepers.

At least, it has ceased to work for me.

Sheikh 'Navigating PTCL Potholes' Chilli

Unfortunately, I used to have a "Connection to the server was intercepted" error even after following all three steps. That was more than a month ago. Tried now, and same.

Anyway, I will try to make an application in my spare time today to automatically alter the packets/web connection to YT servers, based on the technique discovered, so that YT viewing is possible, even with HTTP. As of now, due to the problem mentioned in my 21st March post, sometimes one or two refreshes are needed to escape the PTCL filters, especially for the actual streaming server connection (YT opens just fine).

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