Disconnting Again n Again :(

Hi guys

I am very angry right now on ptcl... since last 5 days i m unable to download any thing or surf very well... bcoz my net keep getting disconnecting every 10 to 15 mins and then come alive after few mins... i made a complain and dsl officer told me that there is a issue in ur line pair ... so u need to have pair change in Ur line .. after that u wont be getting the issue again... so what to do ? is it really a pair issue oR line issue oR from ptcl side ?

dear! pair and line issue is the same and thats the PTCL telephone line department issue not the Broadband. Now get hold of the Lineman of your area and ask him to either change your phone line, if it's copper got rotten. Or to change your pair from DP/pole if its screwed by any means. Simple.!


but i see on other thread that a user from karachi also getting same issue so i dont think that all users phone line gone noisey

Post your Line stats.

yousaf bhai its not line issue.. its ptcl issue that every body facing.. i have talk with some users n friends in my city they also facing same issue.. so every body have fone line issue?