Disconnection Problem

Hello every1,

I have a 1 mb connection, from last month I am facing lots of disconnection problem. and it sometime takes more than 10 minutes to reconnect... speed is also very slow... I changed modulation from g.dmt to g.lite but no effect. Please help..


I m facing Disconnecting Problem From 1-2 weeks So I complain ! my Line RATES are PERFECT so the DSL Guy Told me that There is a Issue with the MAIN PTCL wire they will fix it but will take 1-2 months :( that's why the Internet is Slow and Keep on Disconnecting due to Load on SINGLE PTCL Wire now Working

I Hope They will Fix Soon

i dont think the line rates are proper as seen in the screen shot tell them to check your port if that dosnt fix the problem change the telephone wire may surely fix it.....

Attenuation if toooooo high & SNR is also not that great - try to get the pair changed of your telephone line. i believe that is the main reason behind disconnections.

one more thing your profile is also set on wrong parameters 1536/96 - goto your xchange and get it changed to 1MB.

I resolved my problem, I sent an email to PTCL president, and after a day both line man and DSL guy came and solved my problem.. Now I am getting good speed.

since than I have received more than 10 from ptcl calls asking me weather the issue is solved or not.

Here is my line stats

Speedtest.net result


well dude your statistics are still not in good range.

Did you email to PTA ^_^ you cannot really do anything about the line attenuation (its the distance from exchange)but you can do something about your line Noise Margin by asking the lineman to give a nice clean giga pair for dsl.He will be coming up with his own theory that you area has UG fault and its this and its that and i am the hero over here resolving people's problems ,tell him its good for you--move on and get me a giga pair.He can do it.