Disconnection Again?

Assalam Alikum All,

Since Friday I am again having the disconnection issue my net getting disconnect every 5 mins... is any body in sindh or any other city having this problem again ? i talked with ptcl guy he said that yes there is some problem in back end... and we r working to resolve...the net in whole sindh is affected by this problem....

Yes, i am also facing this problem.

@sfarrukh have u talked with any body about this problem ? Or any news regarding this issue when it going to solve?

i have been having disconnection problem with only all google sites for more than a week. they do not load and hang in the middle. others are loading ok. I use mostly google so i am now using my other connection, worldcall wireless. It is slower than ptcl dsl but loading google smoothly.

Well thats the problem i am facing.. the net gets dc for few seconds and then come back again... check the image u can see 1st i see destination net unreachable error then few times out and then it auto comes back...having net dc problem every few mins... fade up with ptcl now :s this looks like that ptcl have set the timer that it auto reset the connection after the giving time..