Disconnection after 11

I am having a strange problem with LDN it works pretty good whole day but after 11 pm i start giving me issue and after 12 it hardly stay connected i called the help line and told them about this issue the person on line said my line parameters are not good so thats why i am having issuse and he will register a complain and the problem will be solved within 48 hours but even after 96 hours i am facing the same issue and called their helpline in morning the person said line parameter are ok and if i still get the issue i need to call them again in the night .

Just wonder why my line parameter get down in nights lolzz or its some other issue ??? bcoz it works almost perfect in day but night you can say doesnt even connect

may be at night time someone starts using your line! did you know کونڈی?

i cant be damn sure but i can say that isnr the case as the pole from where the line is coming to my house can be seen from my window and i never saw any strnage activity like that....

Wow man i am amazed to see what the hell is going around despite of calling them my problem was not solved then i came accross a guy who told me that if i want this #$%# to work i need to pay some #$%^%$# bribe to ldn guy and he will arrange something in exchage to make my dsl eperience good. I think ldn is an private comapny which need to get more customer to earn their revenue by they are acthing like #$%^%$# nawaz and zardari company asking for bribe man i need to kill those !@#$%^&*