Dinner Buffet under 600 in Lahore?

Can please anyone tell of good places in Lahore which has dinner buffet under 600 per person?

"sheikhoo " and "yenhui" have i think , location is MM Alam Road ..

Sheikoo kahan karkay hain mm alam par and what the charge including tax.......

"village restaurant" MM Alam Road, RS 390 per person excluding taxes.

brother village has a dinner buffet for 700 something inclusive tax..................can any one other help.................!

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“village restaurant” MM Alam Road, RS 390 per person excluding taxes.

Dinner buffet at Village for 390 :expressionless: not at all…

You must be talking about High Tea.

he live in heart of pakistan but don't know that heart is quite expensive :P

'Salt and Pepper' offer dinner buffet under 600.

500/- (lunch buffet) Golden lotus near hussain chok .. and Yenhui Ziafat 336/- including all taxes (high tea) but has more then 52 food items ..its a complete lunch buffet but is named as high tea for some reasons .. timings r 1 to 7 pm .. excellent option