Dimmer for room cooler

I have a local made room cooler which has a exhaust type fan with 24 inch diameter. After isolating the wire going to the fan i installed a ordinary ceiling fan dimmer to it. But it is not working as it should the fan is varying in speed. The dimmer was working with the ceiling fan properly.

Can anyone please tell if it is because the dimmer is not suited for the room cooler fan motor? and what dimmer can i add to the room cooler fan?

Dimmers have an OFF position as well. What happens when you switch to OFF position. Does the fan stop?

Yes the fan turns off when the dimmer is off. If I put a new dimmer it works for few minutes and changes the fan speed normally but after 5 minutes it gets hot and stops functioning.

Then you need a higher power dimmer/regulator.

Is it available? Are there different types available?

If you have a measuring device, or the fan has power specification printed somewhere on it, then note the current (Amps) being used. Check out you local electric store and tell them the Amps that the dimmer should handle. They should give you some options.

Thanks for replying.

I checked with a clamp meter and it is about 2 amps. I am not sure if i will be able to find the dimmer for this here. Does any one know any place in Lahore or Peshawar where one can find it?

^ Any electrical shop.. there are 10000s in lahore.

however such a big dimmer is going to be an issue.. ceiling fans are around 80-100W max... cooler fans are over 400W, due to high torque and high speed. you would need atleast a 3-4A dimmer.. if you do find one, please post a pic of it here..

If you want to control speed of your cooler fan, then the only advisable dimmer for it will be the old big box type 5 speed fan dimmer, that was commonly being used in our houses in 90's, that will work fine for you, as it handles pretty good current.. You can easily get it from college road in rwp and hall road in lhr

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^ YesSSSSSSS....!!!

true that... that was the ancient yet highest quality speed selector ever..!!

but installing it on a room cooler would be a big hassle.,. also i am not sure it is as moisture proof, and also unlike chinese plastic stuff its internal switch is highly prone to rust.

^ If you have set your cooler at a specific spot then you can place it near the electric switch on a separate small board and now a days these are not that big because transistors replace transformers! So placing it isn't a big issue

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