Digital Drawing Tablet

Can somebody tell me about digital drawing pen/tablet? is it easy to draw with it? and can i find them @ cheap rates from Hafeez Center or Hall Road? ( is selling models with very high prices) more over what dimensions are suitable etc etc. :mellow:

It depends on your ability. The trick is that you draw on the tablet but you look on the screen. Is a weird feeling at first because you want to keep looking at the tablet. Once you get the feeling of it, is pretty easy. and ya Galaxy has only Wacom tablets which are pretty expensive as they are Japaneses and good in pressure sensitivity

Go check you your local markets for some Chinese cheap tablets

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can i get one with in 1000-2000 RS range? how long these things last?

No, you won't get any within 1K , 2K if you're wondering about new...HP has some good quality built tablets but aren't good in drawing sensitivity and some would not run Adobe software

Increase you budget little bit and get new wacom bamboo series good for beginners and has built in draw apps + work as navigator for your pc too (not very processionals)

they have a showroom in lahore as well