Digital cable

hello this is fazee from lahore i have question my local cabler is giving digital cable service cable company gave me a STB with card last month i swtiched my cable to an other company thay also giving digital service now the qustion is can i use my OLD STB on new cable digital cable i tune my STB on new cable it scaned all channals but voice and pic is not showing pls tell me what i do now can i call my cabler opt tu instll my STB on this cable?


I guess u r having issue of stream format. If u r able to scan all of the channels then they should be running fine. May be ur new cable provider is using mpeg-4 format which ur receiver I am afraid does not support. If this the case then u have to purchase a box from ur new cable company. Anyways best is to ask ur new cable company to fix ur problem cauz they would be the ones who can help u better cauz they know better. I hope ur problem gets resolved without purchasing a new STB.

only thing is u are using a different cable provider every cable operators have there own CAS conditional access system through which they control there subscribers so if ur last and your new cable operators have the same CAS which i am sure will not be there might be a chance u get the channels

tell me what is written on the card and what is written on the decoders i might suggest you the solution.

santa cruz installing mpeg4 digital head end for ordinary cable walas cant afford it there is a increases in prices 3 times as compared to mpeg 2 head end also only cable operators who have bandwidth problem will go for mpeg4 other wise its not needed now atleast for cable operators as they have full spectrum from 46 to 860 mhz they can shut off 1 analog channel and feed nearly 10 digital channels per channel

yar its chines STb and CAS there is no name on STB or CAS i donot want 2 purchase new STB bocz thay r giving new STB in 7000 rps i called my local cable wala and ask him tu fix my prob i told him that u have 2 talk 2 ur main office and insatll my CAS on ur system i will have 2 pay insatlation fees lets see what will be happen but really i want 2 run my Old sTB on new cable

i am sure you can sell your existing stb to anyone as its a hotcake now days regarding the stb to work on your new cable operator if the headend is same then there is a chance you get the proper card to view the channels but if the headend is different then its impossible to view the channels as CAS is meant to handkle the subscriber and not to view other cable operators channels.

what is your cable operators name i will try to sort out your problem or provide you relevant people who can handle your query

thx so much yar so nice of u wel my new cable name is regal star and head office in faisal town and my old cable name is alsaba its head office in ichra yar i donot know where i sell my STB i got it from old cable wala fin 4000 rep its made by china if i sell STB m sure it will sell more then 1000 rep:(my local cable wala didnot tell me yet even i didnot see new cable wala's STB i wish that new STB will be same like mine STB


I guess u r right about mpeg-4 and may be his old CAS needs to be configured only. I guess he won't need any new stb and just some configurations on his CAS and bingo! I am wondering since when these cable operators are using CAS? I have never heard of anybody cauz worldcall is still free and i am using free.

I purchased mine DVB-C stb for Rs 4,500 from worldcall when they started digital service in Islamabad so I was one of those first buyers of it but I heard its price is higher these days. Mostly DVB-C receivers used by cable operators are chinese made cauz they are cheap and what I believe their price must not be more than Rs 4,000 but here as mentioned by "multichoice" its a hot item these days and i guess ur old stb will pay u something back.

thx so much Santa Cruz wel i will ask again from my local cable wala lets see what will be happen thx so much once again


no problem my friend.