Diffrence between LCD and LED TV

hi can any one tell whats the major diffrence between lcd and led tv. as i am not so techncal so plz can some some one explain in simple words like quality differnce etc.

They're much alike. Technically, LCD TVs use fluorescent light while LED TVs use LED lights as their backlight. Realistically, the only difference i know is that the LCD TVs have slightly better colors, and consume lesser electricity.

I found this information few months back

LED televisions as are being mis-named by some manufacturers and mis-sold by some retailers, are not radical new technology, do not necessarily look better than LCD televisions and should not necessarily command a higher price than non-LED LCD televisions.

This is simplified to keep it brief, but...

'LED televisions' as you might currently find in shops are only LCD televisions with LED backlighting or edgelighting. The LED back/edgelighting technology is somewhat more efficient and can look attractive. Edgelighting technology allows the TVs to be a bit thinner than normal LCD televisions.

Whether you decide to pay a premium price for 'LED televisions' is up to you, but for gawd's sake, don't pay more for one because you think it is fantastic, radically new, superior technology, because it certainly isn't.

I'm not saying 'don't buy one', because some LED TVs are damn fine displays. I'm just suggesting that you know what you are buying.

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agree with u