Difference between static and dynamic IP?

what is the difference between static and dynamic IP and what about its benefits and how i can apply ptcl static IP ?

Static ip mean which dsl company gives you a single ip address for your line. and dynamic ip means every time you restart your modem you will get new one. Call on 1236 for getting static ip, but its rates are much high.

the benefits of static are for some companies or businesses which want a static ip just like for ip security, which secure your business with your static ip address.

For average home user, Static IP can be a security problem if you don't have good Firewall & AntiVirus protection. :)

Static IP is your permanent address online. It is required for some applications (mostly the ones that are accessed through their public URLs, which are internally bound to static IPs) e.g. website hosting servers, email and gaming servers etc. The main benefit of a static IP is that you only need to publish it once unlike dynamic IP which will need to be published every time it changes.

For normal home users, there is no need to have a static IP address. As stated above and before, static IPs are used to address specific business/advanced usage needs. You wouldn't see any difference if you are a normal home user and you should not worry about having static IP in this case.

Static IP is crap for us.. as it avoid using rapidshare and megaupload :s

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Static IP is crap for us… as it avoid using rapidshare and megaupload :s


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I need to know that if i am a PTCL broadband user then will i have a dynamic IP or static IP?

dynamic ip

Ok thanks, One more thing. I have reieved some emails and have obtianed the IP address from email header. I obtained the information and found that ISP is PTCL broadband. Is there any way i can obtain the user name to which IP was issued when email was sent?


NOT AT ALL. this information is only available for PTA or PTCL.

ok, one more question. i download from rapidshare, hotfiles and other same websites. If i turn off my PTCL device, can i download again before 15 minutes?

yes, when you restart your modem your ip changed. you can download much more data then you want from rs, hf, mu etc.......

Thanks but howcome they are not aware of such an easy solution?

they aware for. bcoz in many countries and many dsl companies give static ip. just like brain net in pakistan. but when you purchase an account of rapidshare then they count data by your username ont by ip. so


great and many thanks


i am using linksys n router and tplink modem for ptcl 4mb dsl connection.

router ip set to and modem ip is set to

laptops connect wirelessly and desktop computers to switch and one lan cable attach to router.

Story above connects me to internet but it disconnects frequently any solution.

First of all tell me that why u not connecting pcs via wifi???? 2ndly tell me that have your modem or router with 4 ethernet or one ethernet???? if four the attach pcs with direct to them not with switch. and set all ip addresses to auto.