Did any one know this Problem?

Guys tell me whats is problem in the speed (up and down again and again with utorrent and its also happening in direct Downloading )


My stats


Same thing is happening with me. Looks like some traffic shaping is being done by PTCL. :(

Sometime PTCL sucks, but not like that.... It might be something wrong with your system OR if you're on student package;-). You know they don't like you to use torrent.(just kidding) but in fact these days they don't give a damn to student packages.

BTW here is my screenshot, just checked it for you, and it's between 180 to 200 KB (bit slow on 2MB) but constant.


looks like the snr is not stable first that can be caused by two thing first check without using any splitter attached and then change your modulation to G.DMT and always use google dns : primary : >>>