Dial up to my new laptop

I have just bought a new laptop i.e, Dell Inspiron n1050. I can use broadband internet on it with ease but dont know how to use it on a dial up connection, for example ptcl V. I assume that it doesnt have internal integrated modem.

Plz help.

VPTCL does not use the internal modem of your laptop, the modem for Vfone is inside the phone. If you're using XP, download the drivers off PTCL's website according to the phone you are using and install it. If you're using Vista, lemme know, there's some tutorial online (maybe on ProPakistani), that I've mentioned before on these forums as well to install it on Vista.

thx bro, lemme know. I use vista and windows 7 in dual boot.

Also tell me how to connect a dialup landline.