Dhru (formerly Dhrusoft) Scam

Welcome to Dhru (formerly Dhrusoft)!

If you have seen unlocking sites online before and wonder where they come from, wonder no more. They come courtesy of a company called Dhrusoft. What you may not know is how they create the sites, and the kind of support they offer to their potential and current customers.

In September I contacted Dhrusoft asking them for a site like the ones found online. A friend of mine had put me in contact with this company. They explained that there was a total cost in order to set this up. I agreed to pay the charge and put in clear detail that I will pay for the site once it is completed. As anyone can agree working with web developers is a challenge and I did refuse to pay until I was shown a working site.

A month later I was given access to a site. I was not given any instructions on the services, system, settings nothing. I was given a user name and password and was on my own as far as setting everything up. I relied on my friend for assistance with this setup as he has a site identical to the one which was created for me. He assisted in setting up the API to his site, so that the codes were generated automatically and sent to my customer.

To this point I have not paid anything to Dhrusoft as I did not have any customers, it was not a fully functional site, it contained many bugs and I was not seeing any assistance from Dhrusoft.

I asked them what I could do to get some sort of assistance and they said that I would need to pay. I again refused as when I did agree to have the site created, I put clearly in writing that I would not pay unless the site was fully functional/working. Dhrusoft sent an automatic email out to everyone who was using one of their sites, notifying everyone that there was an update available and that it would help in some security issues and also fix some of the bugs. I replied to this email and they requested FTP and Cpanel info from my site in order to perform this update. I sent this to them immediately.

A few weeks went on and I cleaned out more of the bugs and began signing up customers. I had 4 customers on the site using my service for some of their codes. I was able to add credit to their accounts and they could then place orders. I could not get the email service notification set up and was unsuccessful in getting any support from Dhrusoft on this matter. I noticed a new customer in the database that I did not recognize. I immediately went into this customers account and noticed that 4 codes were ordered. I immediately went into this customers section and disabled the account.

Another few weeks went by and a customer of mine claimed that he was seeing unlock code notifications for codes that were not submitted on his behalf. I looked into this and noticed that he still had the a decent amount of credit remaining, however there were many codes submitted that did not belong to him. I also noticed that the customer that I had disabled, was enabled again, and had run over $2200.00 in unlock codes through my site. There were also a few other users signed up for unlocking services that I did not know.

The reason that I say I did not know these users is that I only offered this link to exactly 6 people. My purpose for this site was to offer the unlocking service to trusted suppliers of mine that I have dealt with over the last 3 years. I did not make this site known or offer it to the general public. This was a wholesale site that was used for suppliers/customer to get codes for devices. I was not planning on profiting from this venture, but only offering a way for people I knew to obtain codes quickly, as emailing them was a pain with them wanting 5-10 codes sometimes.

After investigating this issue and contacting Dhrusoft they stated that if I would have paid them, they would have updated the site and fixed this security bug. However, I sent them the log in info to update my site a month ago. They now state that they did not do this upgrade/update and that I should have known if people were abusing my services. I told them that no one knew about the service I offered but the 6 people, and those 6 people would never do anything to betray me. They would never try to hack the site, or create false accounts. I insisted that this was an “inside job” as the site was not intended for the public and only 6 people knew of the site, none of which are “shady” characters.

I was/am very upset with Dhrusoft. They not only refuse to help me now, they refused to repay me for the $2200+ of codes that were stolen from my site, simply stating that “you should have paid” and that “the new security issue is resolved by upgrading”. I do not understand how they could offer a site, release a site, charge for a site that has known security issues. I also do not understand how someone accessed my site, created a user, modified that user from “disabled” to “enabled” added credits and then they placed orders for over $2000 in codes in only 1 week!

I find it odd that this could happen with only 2 people having access to the Admin section of the site. Those 2 being myself and Dhrusoft. I also find it odd that they will not assist in fixing the site now. They claim that I have not paid and they refuse to provide the updates needed to make my site a safe site for people to order codes from, and have it safe from “hackers”. The most unique think about this is that they do not assist me now. Knowing I have just lost this money, knowing that I still refuse to pay them until its updated and working.

The internet is a service industry. Any site that you are able to order something from relies on customer service. The people at Dhrusoft do not believe in this business model. I feel that their goal is to create as many sites as possible to collect the initial revenue and then leave their customers to fend for themselves once they get established. Just think that if they can hack into my site and steal codes from me, what are they doing with the larger unlock code sites that they run. Whose information are they stealing? Whose customers are they gathering and selling? Whose credit card and checkout information do they have? And what will they do next?

Beware of Dhrusoft. I urge you to post this on the unlocking forums and like sites everywhere. Please be careful. They took me for over $2200 and will do the same to anyone they want. The worst part about it is you won’t know until its too late.