Dhgate - fake or what

I dont think iPhone has ever been released with dual SIM



I dont think iPod touch has ever been released with camera


Is this website a scam or what......

Prices are too low to be true....

Does anyone know about its credentials

CHINA is about to make Musharf, Zardari and many more, you are just talking about mobiles :P

How are the prices low?

and yes they are fake

sah: DELETED. For posting in caps.

(I dont think iPod touch has ever been released with camera)

off course they have launched the new i pod touch 4G which has camera you can say it has got all the functions which iphone 4 has got except gsm u can do facetime also with i pod touch now

check here http://www.apple.com/ipodtouch/

i heard that soon Chinese version of gold will be available in market.