Devolution of Phones - Do looks really not matter anymore?

So i was wondering, am i the only one who's sick of this generic canbybar style of phones to have become so standard & mainstream?

If you look back 10 years from now, you'll see that phones used to be so much more stylish and different from each other. There were so many form-factors, so many stylings, illuminations. There was so much true variety in everything and changing your phone was obvious in everything rather than just UI as it is these days.

That golden era of phones lasted until the scumbag Android showed up and all major phone makers slowly started shifting to that and as time passed, the form-factors and shapes of those devices got more and more generic and simple.

The point I'm trying to make is... Am i the only one that feels this way? Am i the only one who want to see a return of those stylish phones. I know some of those designs conflict with the nature of touchscreen phone usage, but there are multiple ways to overcome them. The thing is, some big company has to wind the clock. If done right, it will become successful and others will follow suit.

Your thoughts?

Apple's iOS and iPhone were the scum-bags responsible for Candybar shape. Android actually came in Slider shape HTC Dream/ Google G1.

That's kinda true, but the iPhones were just one brand, while Android OS was into pretty much everything else coming out from the competition.

I agree though, there were quite a few earlier Android phones that used to come at least with slide-out-keyboards which was still better than just plain candybar. But even that has took a halt as of late years...

I feel mobile phones have lost the touch of 'innovation' that use to be a major part of them pre-2010. Now all I see is increased specs and power and OS enhancements every few months but nothing 'new' really in the mobile phones themselves. No new designs (a few changes here and there in candybars do not mean a new design to me), and no 'new' hardware features. (single cam to dual-cam, single touch to 5-point touch and more etc are just upgrade of existing features, they do not exactly fit in the strict definition of the word 'new' that I have in my mind).

our cellular companies are busy in giving janu manu night packages and making stupid advertisement... Cell companies in normal countries such as in USA they get their own version of phones from LG Samsung Sony co, with slightly different shapes and functions for example in USA AT&T may has galaxy s5 with slide physical keyboard or maybe LG Optimus low end phones in flip over or swirl style...

@SupMA5TER I mostly agree with you. We haven't seen a true innovation in mobile tech since a while. The last big thing was probably the first iPhone.

@armada Those are cases/accessories. The thing is, that these phone manufacturers are simply not interested in making non-candybar phones anymore. I mean if their power bricks are selling so easily, then why would they bother with more complex designs? One of the giants has to make a bold move, for some reason i believe it's going to be Apple again sometime in the coming future and then everyone would start copying them like always...

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@SupMA5TER I mostly agree with you. We haven't seen a true innovation in mobile tech since a while. The last big thing was probably the first iPhone.

@armada Those are cases/accessories. The thing is, that these phone manufacturers are simply not interested in making non-candybar phones anymore. I mean if their power bricks are selling so easily, then why would they bother with more complex designs? One of the giants has to make a bold move, for some reason i believe it's going to be Apple again sometime in the coming future and then everyone would start copying them like always...


Apple was a force until Steve Jobs was alive, after that all they are doing is trying to compete with samsung.

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<strong>LG unveils the Aka - a smartphone that has an eye on you</strong>
11 November, 2014 | Comments (40) | Post your comment

Tags: LG, Android

Sure, Siri can crack a joke, but can it really look at you? Of course it can't, silly, it doesn't have eyes – not like the LG Aka. Supposedly pronounced "aw-kuh", this Android-powered phone has eyes, which peek out from its case, and tries to establish an emotional connection with you.

There are four Akas, which more or less follow the color scheme of Pacman's ghosts and just like them have their own names and personalities. Eggy is yellow and easily falls in love, Wooky is white and is a bit of a bully, YoYo is pink and has difficulties sticking to its diet (so its weight yo-yo's) and Soul comes in Black and is a music lover. There's a backstory about the Akas, which involves an alien invasion.


The phone itself is a mid-ranger with ties to the LG G series. It features a 5" 720p screen, runs Android 4.4 KitKat on a 1.2GHz quad-core processor with 1.5GB RAM, an 8MP camera, 16GB of storage, a microSD card slot, LTE connectivity and a 2,610mAh battery.

The camera has the laser-assisted focus and the volume rocker and power button are placed on the back, which is the G series trademark. There's a 2MP front-facing camera, which can be used to snap selfies with your Aka (in lieu of real friends).

gsmarena_002.jpg gsmarena_003.jpg

LG Aka: meet Eggy, Wooky, Soul and YoYo

The LG Aka's eyes react to you and serve as sort of notifications. They get dizzy when you shake the phone, they look down when you need to take the phone out of the case (i.e. there's a notification) and so on. Eye color changes from red to green to indicate different emotions.

You can buy different color cases, which lets you switch between Aka personalities. There's a point system associated with buying new accessories for your Aka, an interesting (if a bit questionable) monetization strategy from LG.

If you miss your Tamagotchi or Sims family – and live in South Korea – you can grab an LG Aka for KRW 500,000 ($455). It's not clear if it will be launched outside its home country.

Source (in Korean) | Via



While not really a hardware design revolution, at least LG is trying something new here in regards to a personal assistant. I think it's kind of cute really, perhaps not suitable for businessmen, but the casual audience & youth can go for it. We have yet to see how advanced the AI is of those things though.

A cute innovation, but definitely a girly phone.

LG had the knock on feature first.

LG had the back side unlock button.

LG were one of the first with 2K screens

LG now making their own chipsets for their own phones

LG phone with Eyes now ^

LG LED tv are gaining more market share from samsung

LG financial year 2013 was one of their much better ones from previous losses

LG made nexus phones

LG with better android wearables than samsung or Motorolla on market.

All this is just fiscal 2013-2014 going to 2015

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All your souls belong to LG :ph34r: [/quote]

^ Yep, LG is at the top of their game lately. They're currently my endorsed phones brand.

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A cute innovation, but definitely a girly phone.


Not as girly as some of the Lumias IMO. At least the color palette here is not horrible. The yellow one has a distinctive masculine look to it as well...

Lumia are not gender centric.. Lumias have their universal appeal... Even their sky blue and pink look good in the man`s hand.. their design may be simplistic / unique but their colors are like honda city/civic.. even brick red and muave look awesome on them..

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Gionee W900 with two 1080p displays passes TENAA
27 November, 2014 | Comments (24) | Post your comment

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An upcoming Gionee W900 smartphone with two 4” 1080p displays passed through TENAA in China. The Android 4.4 KitKat flip phone will almost certainly not launch outside of its home market.


Thanks to their modest size and high resolution, the duo of displays found in the handset sport a rather impressive pixel density of 550ppi. The downside of the device’s dual display setup is thickness of 14.8mm - a sharp departure from the 5.1mm waistline of Gionee Elife S5.1.

The device’s TENAA page reveals details about its specs. They include 1.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of expandable storage, 13MP main camera, LTE, and 5MP front-facing snapper. Gionee W900 is powered by a 2,050mAh battery.

Source (in Chinese) | Via


Hell yeah that's what I'm talking about! Gionee is bloody brilliant! They've been doing some real impressive work as of late and I believe they shall become a renowned and respected brand soon. This is what we need, Deus Ex Smartphone Revolution! Not the same old, rehashed galaxy 'successors' with higher PPIs (Samsung is actually working on 4k mobile displays already). Microsoft (previously Nokia) & Sony are hard at work on increasing the camera megapixel count of their phones. HTC, LG and Motorola are somehow succeeding with their baby step-forwards in design, gimmicks & pricing (in respective order amusingly).

I know some people are happy with their plain slate phones, but for the rest of us this is good news. Remember, options are always nice to have! +Rep for Gionee from me! B)

Flip phones are once again becoming rapidly the next previously big thing in korea..

and what korea and china does, the whole world follows.

Well my htc one M8 has enough bling bling to make all those galaxy users stop for a moment and have a good look at it. :)

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HTC one series is just pure sexiness..:P

too cool than anything else on the market..

even though their launcher has some deficiencies, their launcher also has some extreeeeemly cool efficiencies that defiencies are easily forgotten

also, after installing xposed and toolbox, the HTC becomes the greatest most awesome android phone software wise, in recorded history.

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<h1 style="margin:0px;padding:0px 5px;border:0px;font-size:40px;line-height:1.5;font-family:‘Google-Oswald’, Arimo, Arial, sans-serif;vertical-align:baseline;color:rgb(255,255,255);background:url("");">Patents reveals designs for foldable Samsung smartphones


Peter, 16 September, 2015

Samsung Rumors

We heard some rumors about a foldable smartphone from Samsung, but now it’s time for a more behind-the-scenes look at things. A patent filed in the latter half of 2014 shows just how such a smartphone can be constructed (it’s one of several patent applications).

The foldable screen is the key and from the patent illustrations it seems that it will sit on top of a textile-like material. Tensile springs along with some additional mechanisms keep the bendy screen taut when the clamshell is open. The central hinge is an important part of that too.

gsmarena_001.jpg gsmarena_002.jpg gsmarena_003.jpg
A design for a foldable smartphone

The other patent application shows that the device may be opened in a laptop-like configuration, instead of opened flat. This design looks like it uses a different hinge mechanism and an “elastic unit” to keep the screen taut.

gsmarena_005.jpg gsmarena_007.jpg gsmarena_008.jpg
A tablet with laptop mode

So, Samsung is exploring several avenues – the first one seems aimed at clamshell smartphones, while the other can make tablets that bend into a laptop position. Here’s a 3D render from a patent filed in Korea that shows what such a device might look like.

The patents are from a year ago, the actual devices are expected as early as January, if rumors are to be believed.



Well well well, it is confirmed Samsung is gay. They like their phones with curves & bends. :P

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Report says Samsung will start selling foldable smartphones in 2017

We already know that Samsung is working on a foldable phone (internally dubbed Project Valley), and we’ve also seen some possible designs. Last we heard, there were rumors of it launching in January this year - that obviously didn’t happen. Now, it looks like the device won’t be coming this year.

A new report from Samsung’s home country of South Korea is claiming that the company will start mass-producing foldable displays by end of this year, with foldable smartphones arriving next year.

The report notes that Samsung’s foldable device would be a 5-inch smartphone in folded form, and would become a 7-inch tablet when un-folded or opened. Past rumors have suggested that the company is testing both Snapdragon 620 and 820 for its Project Valley smartphone, while RAM will be 3GB.



Seems like the foldable phones are arriving sooner than expected. Would be a milestone for sure.

Next they should work on Point-Screen technology. It shouldn’t be too hard to achieve with modern technology. Samsung already did a hover-screen thing with their S4 from 2013, all they need to do is increase the distance to about 10 inches, and make it’s precision accurate. Would definitely be a breakthrough!

Human civilization is spending too much resources and energy on cell phones if you ask me.