Devices which saves 30% Electricity Bills

My company has imported a device which can save 30% of the electricity bills if anyone in intrested plz reply 30% saving is garunteed

yes i m interested... wht is the rate and where its available

And how exactly does this device save 30% electricity? More importantly DOES it actually save electricity or does it just screw up the billing so you save 30% off the bill!

What is the name of this company, its credentials? (my banning finger is itching! :D)

more information about the device would be better :)

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And how exactly does this device save 30% electricity? More importantly DOES it actually save electricity or does it just screw up the billing so you save 30% off the bill!

i guess wht his company is selling is often called [power saver] and its widly used all over the world, u can search on google. I was waiting for this device in pakistan (if its a good quality one).

In simple words, normally there is always some wastage of electric current in our houses due to un-optimized Power Factor. this devices optimizes the power factor which reduces the wastage of electricity and results in low electric bills. But it all depends on a good quality device, not the cheap chinese crap.

sounds like a "fishy" device..

Plz dont worry about any fraud or anything ill be posting my pamphelt here tomorrow and syedAli is right its a power saver and is approved by the KESC and is being used in alot of banks and residents Theres not meter Alteration No cable installation No slowing down of meter reading Basically it increases your power efficiency and stabilizes voltage and current

Basically As we know that electric pressure fluctuates according to the peak and valley state of electric current but these are not perfect cycles ESI ( The Device ) Lowers These circles and hence saves electricity In simple terms it reduces the excess ampre used.

For further assurance ill be posting my pamphelt inshallah tomorrow The price starts from 9000 per device.

and 30% saving is garunteed if it does not happen u can return back the device

And there is 1 year replacement warranty with the device

For any further detail or querry u can contact me at

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And please post as much information here as you can. The forum management does not want to sponsor fraud companies.

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ok im new here so was not aware of all these things will make sure it doesnt happen again

must be upto 30% but these devices do exists

If this really ture device than we should check cost and saving and in how many months it will pay back. Mr. Shoaib, what if it did not reduced bill? will company refund the amount?

oh man i hav seen the adds of these devices by tele marketing companies on tv showing their PAID testimonials

i hav seen it both on india and pakistani chanels

they show how it works and blah blah give same kinda guarantees

this guy iz a new one here and smells alot like those who go door to door to sel thing

or may b he worked as a testimony in the add of this thing on tv this is basically a Power Line Cleaner? It has tangible benefits in that it provides clean electricity to the circuits it is plugged into, but I fail to see how it would save you any energy.

so if average consumption is 300+ units, the next bill should be ~200 units. Is this right?

Basically it reduces the amp load and tork load like if ur device is using 7.21 amp the device will reduce it to 5.04 without causing any problems to any devices in ur house it is garunteed from our company and the device is with 1 year replacement warranty if any problem occurs u can contact us and we will change ur device and 30% saving is garunteed its not upto 30% its exact 30% ( its not like worldcall internet speed ka kehte kuch hain aur aati kuch hay ) and saad knows me Saad im Shoaib Yaseen so dont worry about any type of fraud or something u can contact me and ill even show u how the device works there are no meter alterations or any sort of jugars it purely using electricity efficiently

Price of device is 9000 per device

U need 3 devices for 3 phase meter and 1 device for 1 phase

Total cost for 3 phase meter 27000 and total savings 30% of ur current bill

like on average bill of 30 thousand u can save 9000 per month and u can recover the cost in 3 months

for any more details u can mail me ill provide u my number ill show u the demostration of the device even

^ Please list the manufacturer of the device and the specific models/products. Otherwise, what you are posting sounds merely conjecture at this point.

Its a power saver brand name is RCO and my company name is RSCO Engernering and the devices are being imported from Germany so basically the devices are of german technology