Devastating earthquake 2015

A massive earthquake hit Pakistan, Afghanistan and North India today, which was measured at 7.5 magnitude on Richter scale – it shook the entire region all the way to Delhi. In Pakistan, as many as 12 people have been reportedly killed while in Afghanistan at least 12 schoolgirls have died in a stampede during the evacuation process – details are awaited. 5 more are dead elsewhere in Afghanistan. In all, 52 people are reported to have died due to the temblor. Two Army personnel were injured when their bunker collapsed under the impact of the tremor at Sopore, 55 kms from Srinagar, in north Kashmir Baramulla district, officials said.

The U.S. Geological Survey initially measured the quake’s intensity at 7.7 then revised it down to 7.6 and later to 7.5.

Terrible earthquake. Entire building was shaking.

This was the most horrific earthquake I've experienced yet. Thank god the devastation is low compared to the magnitude of the earthquake, and also compared to 2005 earthquake. Still, time to ponder upon what exactly are we doing in our lives, and how quickly in a blink of an eye, everything and everyone is prone to become ashes.

Update: Death toll rises to 139



Sad indeed. I hope you guys are alright. Natural disasters are something that cannot be resisted, no matter where they take place...

May the creator protect us!

I couldn't write a reply but tell you guys one thing I witnessed 2005 earthquake and this one in Abbottabad and this one was not less than that .. Horrifying.. Ppl were shouting.I was standing on the terrace and for one second i thought the building will collapse.

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