Deutsche Power ups software

i need the software for Deutsche Power ups,which is i am using for my pc,it is working properly but it required software to run it from windows power management to see all the battery and ups options, like battery status backup timings is made in have a rs232 data cable please if some one can help to fix this problem i shall be thankful to him/her.


I am also in need of Deutsche power UPS 650 VA for my computer. could you please tell me where did you buy this. shop name and address. Price? Is the product have AVR and auto pc shutdown feature. is it reliable as compared to APC and what about the assembling. is it assemble in china? Please provide me the details.

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yaar i have got this from one of my friend whose uncle bring 3 pcs from queta,they are used ones,not new. made in germany,i think they are more relaible than apc but i dont have the software for it, i started this post for finding software for it but no had replied yet ,i was thinking that may be some 1 is using it. it have the feature of auto shutdown but with software which i have not ,if u or any one find software plz share with me its backup time is almost 15-25 minutes with 15inch ibm monitor crt p4 cpu speaker dsl modem etc

I am also planning to buy the same product or APC with 800 VA. My UPS wala has this product. Could you please tell me the model number of your UPS. Is it the promark series, DH series, ACE series or Electra series and how much VA? Have you tried their web site "" to find the software. I f i purchase this product i will give you the software. How do you know that this product is more reliable than APC as i heard from people that APC is world number 1.


model 800va

i dont have other details of it as i have not any manuals,for comprasion b/w apc and deutschepower i have not real knoledge but my friends told me that made germany ups are alwez good, as i have also not facing any problem since 1 year and also if u want i will send u pics of my ups and plz tell me what is prices of 800va ups of apc and deutschepower if u have any knowledge bcoza i want an other for my little brother pc,

You can have same technology UPS @ (Made in Malaysia)

@ 6000PKR Only for 650VA

We have Deutsche Power UPS

Delta Systems

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